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MG MGA - WTB - MGA Fog Lamp Brackets

I have a set of Moss fog lamp brackets for my MGA that will not fit. Moss even exchanged the first pair I had for a new pair, admitting that they had a problem with these brackets about the time I bought my first pair from them. The second pair does not fit any better than the first pair.

I'm wondering if anyone has a pair of OE brackets AHH5520 and AHH5521, either NOS or originals that I can get rechromed. Another option would be a repro pair that Todd Clarke made that someone bought but didn't use. I understand that his fit perfectly but he does not make them any more.

Let me know if you can help me out. I have a nice pair of fog lights and it would be a shame if I cannot install them.

JL Cheatham

Try this guy....
A Stojanovic

How can I be sure that these brackets are any different than the Moss brackets that don't fit?

JL Cheatham

Well you could ask the guy - I have a feeling that he fabricates/chrome's them himself - I might be wrong...

Worth an email....
A Stojanovic

Try NTG - they do fit
Roger Walker

I contacted Bob West to see if he had a pair of brackets that fit correctly or if he knew where I could buy a pair. After several days, Bob emailed me and told me he had found a pair he would sell to me. He said "I'm not 100% sure if they are OE. They have been rechromed and after a good clean up look fine and wouldn't need re chroming. They came off a car that I restored in the early 80s."

He sent me some pictures with the brackets still attached to the bumper and it looks like at least 1/2" clearance between the bracket and the back edge of the over rider.

Here's a picture of them after he cleaned them. They look great to me! Needless to say, I bought them.


JL Cheatham

Try Todd Clarke at Clarke Spares. He had some. I bought one years ago and the quality was excellent. I know he was closing them out but he may still have a few left.
Keith Lowman

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