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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 2000cc supercharged Rover V8?

Hi All

I am in the process of figuring out how to give my 67 MGB GT more omph. Either I'd go with the supercharger or an engine swap. However I like being different and have seen in the book " how to improve your MGB..." that there was a special version of the Rover V8 for the Italian market. It was 2000cc with supercharger and 240 BHP iirc.

Anyone know anything about this engine?

And yes I know its not very logical going for this instead of a larger capacity version, but I feel this is more suited to my perseption of the MGB as a small nimble sportscar that needs to be driven and not just a torque cruiser.
N.C. Nielsen

Hi Herr Nielsen,

Look into this site,
Search for: "the italian job"

There are two different diesel engines intended for the Rover SD1. One V8 3.5 in cooperation with Perkins "iceberg engine", and one turbocharged inline four.

From my own experiance. My 3.5 mgb roadster can be a "nimble" fire breathing monster. I very seldom have the patience of torque cruising. You will have both oppertunities in the same car. Your choice.


"And yes I know its not very logical going for this instead of a larger capacity version, but I feel this is more suited to my perseption of the MGB as a small nimble sportscar that needs to be driven and not just a torque cruiser."

Exactly the point I was trying to make on another thread. The short stroke of the 215 (3.5 & 3.9) and small displacement (for a V8) makes it the perfect upgrade for a sports car like the MGB.
Carl Floyd

In an Italian magazine AutoCapital, August1991 an article relating to this engine fitted into a TVR V8S. In Italy the engines of more than 2000cc are very taxed. A new cranckshaft with 40.25mm of stroke is built. for get 1998cc. Bore 88.9mm stroke 40.25mm CR 8/1 223 hp to 6200 rpm torque 27.1kgm to 3700 rpm Fuel injection with supercharger Eaton (1.8 bar).
I don’t know more.

plus four automotive services 03 97918025
Information will give you the 'area' code for Australia.
22 Dingley Ave Dandenong Victoria Australia

Seems to think that it doesn't pay to advertise, got a 'word of mouth' thing going.Which is why you hav'nt heard about him. Also had a chromed up supercharged 4 pot in progress, amoung other projects.

He has a MG supercharged V8 set up. Very neat instalation. Belt driven supercharger. Bolt on. Had an intercooler set up. getting 300BHP plus. Had the dynos to prove it. The supercharger can be switched off and on via remote control. Although why you would ever want to switch it off I don't know. Computer control via same remote. Would have prefered to see the intercooler behind the valance, would have simplified things I think, none the less impressive.

Michel - Very interesting as it should be a rev. monster being that over square. I will continue my search for TVR engine instead of the Rover version.

However I have searched the net and it seems that the Rover version of this engine never made it into the SD1 in production. Only 2 or 3 engines were made and they were sleaved down.

N.C. Nielsen

Couldn't you just get a standard 3.5 and swap in the crank and pistons (and rods maybe) for the 2.0?

Jim Blackwood

Jim - That is of course an option and maybe even an easier solution, however it seems that these engines are rearer than hens teeth. It might just not be worth it - imagine if something broke and the pain of getting new parts. I initially thought this was a widely available engine in Italy, but it seems I was wrong.

I have also been toying with the idea of an Alfa 2,5 liter V6 - 160 BHP, tripple dellortos and lots of tuning potential - and easy to locate. onlt problem to overcome, technically, is the Alfas trans axle lay out.
N.C. Nielsen

A while ago, there was a thread on this site dicussing Alfa V6 converions in various cars. I have seen pictures of Alfa spiders with the V6. Itīs possible.


Dan Lagrou was once telling me about a hydroplane racer that destroked a 215 down to (I think) 198 Cubic inches which let it rev up to 12,000 RPM's. (Toss some twin turbos on that and you'd have a monster!)

The internal parts should be available through supply houses I would think.

Jim Blackwood

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