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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 2007 British V8 Meet

Does anyone- Kurt or Dan- have an updated schedule of events?

(if you are offended because I referred to this as a V8 meet, suck it up. I have had my fill of politically correct b.s. for the day. I like the V6 conversions too, also hot 4 cyl conversions, but this was originally a V8 group, and I will always see it that way.)
Jim Stuart


Right there withya, Jim!
rick ingram

Jim, are you refering to the V6/V8 meet in Aug??
Bill Guzman

Go ahead Bill....stir the pot.


rick ingram

Keep it up, Bill & you better show up with that V6 race car!
Carl Floyd

I just got off the phone with Kurt about 20 minutes ago. He is out of the hospital and doing well. He stil needs to take it easy for a while, but he's already talking about getting back in the garage and back to work on his car.

He is putting together some material to send to Curtis for the V8 newsletter, updating the schedule. It should be posted soon. He's also sending the material to me, so I'll post the info on here as soon as i get it.
Dan Masters

Thanks Dan.I tried to call Curt Tuesday afternoon with no luck.I'm glad to hear he's doing better.Anybody going to Carlisle.PA in May for the Kitcar-Import show? Mike
Mike Moor

"I just got off the phone with Kurt about 20 minutes ago. He is out of the hospital and doing well."

Recovering from his valve job? That's great news! Tell him to go easy & not overdo it.
Carl Floyd

I am glad that Kurt is doing well.

I am stering pot with a big stick and all I see is the letter "V" and the #6 does that have any meaning? I have not found the #8 on the pot.
I will stir so more!!! maybe I will find it

Carl, no race car this year, it's on the works.
Bill Guzman

Great to hear that Kurt is doing well, I heard that he is staying at Sue's for a while, there is a rumor about a "rock" :))


Steve Carrick

re: there is a rumor about a "rock"

It's about time.


rick ingram

Hey, Kurt, Glad to hear that you are doing well. I hope you get back to the wrenching soon! :-)

Bill, It's a big pot! It hold's us all. But the soup needs a lot of V8 to spice it up! ;_)

Regards, Jack
John Renaud

"there is a rumor about a "rock""

Not a rumor, it's a fact (Kurt confirmed it yesterday). As far as I know, a date hasn't been set, but I believe it will be soon.

Like the rest of you, I think the world of Sue - he couldn't have done better!
Dan Masters

Mr. Renaud, good to hear from you.

Yes, to much spice can ruin the soup!!!!
Are you going John?.
Bill Guzman

Congrats to Kurt & Sue!

I agree with Rick. It's about time!

How about a wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks at the V8 meet?!
Carl Floyd

RE: As far as I know, a date hasn't been set, but I believe it will be soon.
**************** more dating for Mr.Schley!

Like the rest of you, I think the world of Sue - he couldn't have done better!
Yep...especially since my Jean has been off the market for 14 years!


rick ingram

Hi, Bill, Yes! At this time I am planning on being there. It will be good to see you again. Are you going to make the big drive again?

Congratulations, Kurt & Sue! ! !

Regards, Jack
John Renaud

Hi Guys,
Thanks for all the well wishes. I ffinally got home and am working on the Meet again. I finally got a comittment for the autocross track (about 200 yards from the hotel.) I am working on the agenda (anyone who would be willing to do a tech session, please let me know), maps and directions to local attractions and restraurants (including breweries and wineries), etc., etc. I will send an update to Curtis Jacobson in the next few days. All is progressing well.
Best regards,

PS - Yep, I did get a ring onto Sue's finger about 24 hours after they sewed me up. Hint:If you want to propose to a woman, do it in ICU, 2/3 dead and with a dozen tubes running into and out of you. Even if she does not really like you too much, she will say yes just out of sympathy.

PPS - If you put on a weightlifting belt on backwards (wide side in front)and hook an engine hoist to the belt buckle, yu and actually lean well over the MG's engine without too much discomfort.
Kurt Schley

Great hearing from you, Kurt!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!

rick and jean
rick ingram

"(if you are offended because I referred to this as a V8 meet, suck it up. I have had my fill of politically correct b.s. for the day. I like the V6 conversions too, also hot 4 cyl conversions, but this was originally a V8 group, and I will always see it that way.) "

atta boy Jimbo, giss it means we don'ts have to put up with any in line 6 ers?? and don't ferget, this country originally had slavery, and youse can always see's it that way tooo. yeehah

I am ignoring the previous comment as I do not know who made it or what it means, although I am afraid that if I did understand it I might be offended or drawn into an argument with someone who took 4 days to think up that response.

Kurt, best regards and congratulations. Sue, sorry to see that all is lost for us, but the better man won, even though he had to play upon your sympathies to do it.

I will dance at the wedding if it is at the V8 meet and I can find an opponent xxx partner.
Jim Stuart


I always thought that "white men can't dance"!

I look forward to seeing you and your "happy feet"!


rick ingram

Is there any interest in a V8 meet in N.W. Washington State next summer?

Lyle Jacobson

Lyle, there is always interest!
rick ingram


Plans are curently under way for a V8 meet in Wisconsin, but there is no reason not to have another one in Washington. I'm sure there are a lot of V8ers (& V6ers, hot fours, turbos and superchargers) that would love to have an event on the west coast. Let me know if I can help you with it.
Dan Masters

Where in Wisconsin

dan, is the wisconsin meet for 2008? prelim on when and where? wasn't bill g. hosting a yearly event in the fall out in CA? or was that a one time only deal?
james madson

Dan, thanks for the offer. We're just checking to see if there would be any interest. N.W. Wash. and B.C. is beautiful with lots of things to see. The last week in July or the 1st week in August is the best time of the year. The rain is warmer that time of the year. ha, ha. The NAMGAR is having their GT-32 at Whistler in July. There will be MGs from all over the USA, and Canada going to it. That would be a fun trip to the modified cars on. Check out

Lyle Jacobson

The Wisconsin meet is still in the very early planning stages, so I wouldn't want to say too much about it now. If the plans should change from what I think they are now, it could be a problem if some folks made plans based on that info and had to change them later. I'm sure the details will all be worked out and announced at the 2007 meet.

Bill did hold at least one meet in southern California. I don't know if he held another, or if he plans to hold another. I hope he does, but if he does, it wouldn't have any impact on a meet in Washington (or vice versa). America is a large country; we could easily have several meets a year, scattered across the nation. Some of us might live close enough to attend more than one, while others might be happy just to have one close enough to attend.

All it takes to have a meet in any part of the country is for someone from that area to volunteer to take on all the work involved in making it happen. So far, we've had meets in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, California, and Maryland. These meets were held where they were simply because folks in these states took on the work required to put on the meets.

If any one living in or near the Washington area would like to see a meet there, please contact Lyle and offer to help!

If you'd like to see Bill Guzman put on a meet in Southern california, contact him and offer to help.

If anyone would like to see a meet near their home, step up to the plate and volunteer, and we'll make it happen.
Dan Masters

The 2008 British Conversion Get-Together (Politically correct in order not to offend anyone) is planning to be held in Wisconsin. It will be held Sunday,July 12 thru Wednesday, July 16,2008. We are looking to host the event in southeastern Wisconsin, somewhere near the Elkhart Lake area. Road America Race Track has scheduled an International Vintage Race the following weekend of our event, so those interested could attend this as well.

July is a beautiful time in Wisconsin and we have many attractions. From the miles and miles of marked roads thru the Kettle Moraine Glacier area, The EAA Museum in Oshkosh, The Kohler Company Tour, Brewery Tours, and plenty of places to taste cheese and bratwurst and much much more, we'll have plenty of items to choose from. We're planning a "Fish Boil", a Wisconsin event, along with other local food options and some music, to be held at our house.

We have been scouting out motels to host our event. Again, everything is in the planning stages, but we will have an information packet at the 2007 MGV8 Cleveland Event.

Please plan accordingly, we welcome any suggestions.

Paul and Mary Schils

PS. Congrats to Kurt and Sue !!
Paul Schils

"We're planning a "Fish Boil"


You & Mary can borrow my deep fryer! :D
Carl Floyd

Paul and Mary!

Looking forward to Wisconsin!

Let me know if the Three Stooges can assist in any way!

rick ingram
rick ingram

Kurt, my congrats to you. Let me know how can I help.

Correct or not, if you want attendance do not exclude the V6 B's (I hope you were joking?)

John, maybe I will, but thinking that it takes to long.
Yes, it would be nice to see all of you guys again.
Are going to camp again?

Dan, we have a BMC meet every year. This year it will be held with a large group of Muscle cars, street rods etc. around 200 cars. They will a give us our own space in Solvang Ca.
As you may know there is lots of wineries here.

I would not think that to many from the east coast would attend if we would have it here in Ca. or Washington, I do not think there is enough trailers for all of those V8's..................Just Kidding guys LOL :-)
Bill Guzman

"The 2008 British Conversion Get-Together", way to go Paul, midwestern nice at its finest. sounds great, southern WI is a nice area.

Bill, if its too far to drive think about flying in to mpls, we will have a caravan of cars from here for sure as its a nice little 5 hour drive. you and the missus would be welcome to use one of my cars and drive down with us, jim
james madson


Count me in for your meet next year. If you can drive from CA to TN, surely I should be able to make the reverse trip! What time of year is it?

I used to live in CA, and I've promised Nico a trip out there - he's really looking forward to it (and so am I).
Dan Masters

Thanks James!! I will talk to the BOSS.
I am planning on driving the new car in 08 to WI.

Dan, you have place to stay.The same goes for anyone who wants to drive to Ca.
The event is in Sept, Oct time frame. Really nice weather.
Bill Guzman

Well, I just went into sensory overload. The opportunity to attend a british conversion meet AND the Brian Redman International Challenge vintage races at Road America all in the same week.... I'm at a loss for words! The BRIC is something every car guy should do once in his life! I now officially have a deadline to get my v8 finished.
Ryan Reis

Kurt and Sue, The best to you both!

From Johanski and his Suzy.
James Johanski

I just sent an updated agenda and event info to Curtis Jacobson. It should be on site shortly.
Kurt Schley

You can find updated meet info from here:

Further information will be added under the "meetings" tab as it becomes available.

Well... I am not sure if I will be attending the 07 meet. My son may be coming home for a 2 week R&R during that time frame. If I go I may take James offer and drive from MN to Ohio. I should know soon.
Bill Guzman

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