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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 215 v8 timing

Ok this should be simple, but..... rebuilt the engine,
installed in the car, got it started the usual way starting at a visual 0 advance and turning the distrubutor while cranking the engine. I've got the timing at about 25 deg BTC at 800 rpm with a max timing advance of about 50 deg. Vacuum advance is not hooked up. I can't get it to run even near 5-8 deg BTC where it should be. Obviously something is wrong. So I thought "why not ask the experts on the MGB v8 BBS".

Rick - there is never enough info on these boards to point straight at a problem but it sounds to me like your assessment of tdc may be incorrect or you have an ignition fault. I would double check that the dizzie is not 180 out - that the amplifier advance is not wired back to front and last that the static cam marks are in the right relative place.

Hope it helps


Thanks. Your certainly right about the amount if info given. In this case I forgot to mention the engine is carbureted and has the same pertronix setup prior to the rebuild. I'll go to the basics first and recheck TDC and the timing mark on the balancer. I could also put the points back in since I'm more familiar with that ingition type.

Good luck


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