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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 2.8 v6

Does anyone have any HP ratings on 2.8 v6 GM or any weight ratings. Thanks
mike childress

I can't locate my book at this time, but if my memory is correct the 2.8 engine available in the Firebird/Camaro was rated at 135hp with the multiport fuel injection and 105 with throttle body injection. The early engine with carb was rated at around 100 hp.
There was a 3.4 version only available in front wheel drive chassis with the aluminum heads which had it's highest rating at 210 hp. Different injection configurations made the largest difference, as the 2.8 in a Fiero was rated at 120hp, but had the same cam and heads as the Camaro/Firebird. I don't have total engine weight available, but the bare cast iron rear drive block weight is 105 pounds. The front drive block is 5 pounds lighter due to no motor mount bosses.
Chevy has an aluminum block available which is around 40 pounds lighter, but is pretty expensive. I estimate that the MPFI 2.8 and 5 speed weighs only about 70 to 100 pounds more that the 1275 which was in my midget, and it was reported to weigh 275 pounds with the transmission attached. Check with your local Chevy dealer for the book 'Chevy Power' which has a small section on the 60degree v6 which is very useful in selecting the best engine for your application. Hope this helps.
Bill Young

The 2.8 was used in the early down-sized Blazers and was mated to a 5 speed. I don't have any Chevy specs, but that's what to look for. There's a MGB with a 2.8 running around heare in Naples. It's a neat little package and seems to fit right in. The 2.8/5spd combo has been very popular in other conversions as well. The best one I saw was a 56 AC Aceca. Just enough power without over doing it.


I just came across this site. Haven't explored it but it might have some answers for you.
Derek Nicholson

As far as transmission selection goes, the 2.8 came with 4 speeds and some 5 speeds in the S10/S15 truck line. It came with a 5 speed in the Camaro/Firebird. Shifter location is several inches further forward on the truck transmission, so shifter location might be a problem if the truck tranny is used. The truck bell housing does have a cleaner clutch release mechanism which gives better chassis clearance.
Bill Young

The V6 60 degree comes in two types Alloy head and cast iron head. The alloy head engine is found in the chevy line of front wheel cars only.
The cast iron head is found in Cameros, Firebirds, and the S-10 line. This engine it's also found in the front wheel cars such as Olds, Pontiac line to include the Fiero. After 1985 all 2.8 V6 engines came with the high output heads and larger crank main journels, and a one piece rear oil seal.
Depending on the model and type of fuel injection the V6 weight is around 350/380 lb this does not include the trans T5 weight is 68/78 lb. HP ratings are different due to the induction type. 2.8 hp FI is about 135 hp up to 155 plus, the 3.1 FI is about 140 to 160 and the 3.4 single over head cam is about 170 to 190. There is also a twin cam 3.4 very complex engine.
A crate V6 cast iron head 3.4 engine from GM is capable of puting out 200hp with an Edelbrock manifold and a 390 cfm Holley carb. 2.8 with same set up plus a agresive cam can put out about 160 hp with 170/80 lb of torque.
This same engine is used in off road racing (Baja) puting out 200 hp. The V6 is a very reliable engine, it has a bad reputation with the S-10 truck with the electronic variable jet carb. The 1982 X-11 Chevy put out 155 hp with this carb but it had an agresive camshaft and 10:0 compression.
High output parts are available thru GM dealers and Speed shops, to include an alloy block.
Bill Guzman

Thanks for the in put, My 302 will take a back seat this summer while we work on our 67 mustang. My uncle has a 2.8 in the basement to give away I will temp. use the 6 while I build my 302. Thanks guys. mike
mike childress

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2.8 By Chance. Not familiar with bowtie stuff, mike
mike childress

Mike , are you looking for the wiring for the FI? Which model? there are some differences in the FI systems.
Bill Guzman

No, I am using a carb. Model. A little older but it will do for now. Just looking to see about some of the starting circuits, And how they should be wired. Mike
mike childress

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