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hey guys..

being that I have a plethora of MGB GT's at this point, (i am up to 7, with my original project and a 74 RB BGT as main focuses), me and a friend got to talking about building a strictly racing car. Solo, roadracing, etc.

as unpopular as the idea is, our preliminary idea has been to strip the car, bolt and weld a boxframe to the original unibody, and then transfer the motor, tranny and suspension from a Nissan 300ZX turbo to the car.

although cutting and fab'ing up an MGB makes me cringe, i realize that its a car that i dont plan on selling or restoring, and would be a wicked fun racer.

We were thinking we may need a sub-frame to compensate for the fact that we want to adapt the suspension from the ZX as well, and that the ZX is wider than the MGB, but not so wide that we can use fender flares and make everything look decent.

has anyone fooled with the VG30/VG30DET idea with a B?


Zack, I looked at the Nissan V6 when I was selecting an engine for my midget conversion. Too large for that, but should fit a B pretty well. One thing to remember is if you really plan on racing the car to check the rule books for the racing series you want to compete in. You may find that you have a creation that doesn't fit the rules, or else falls into a class where it isn't and never will be competetive. If you have a B body that has a lot of rust in the sills and floors then that would be a perfect start for such a project, as the new frame would replace all the structural strength lost to the rust.
Bill Young

I have a better idea - just buy a Honda S2000 (preferably with a bit of minor body damage so the price is a bit better), strip off the Honda body panels and graft on replacement MGB panels, supporting them as need be.

You'll end up with an 'MGB' that goes and handles like a new car......;-)
Bill Spohn

Yep a secnd here for the point Bill Young raised. Check the rule book first so you can actually drive what you build.
I know several people who built the "unbeatable" whatever it was (one tractor for a tractor pulling contest , one a speed boat for ocean racing...oooh was that one expensive!! and one "class racer" which didn't fit the intended class rules and never raced) and just wasted money and became very bitter and twisted as a result.

Just a thought or two.
Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

Definitely check the rules. My car for instance is just an absolute blast to drive and would really be a hoot on the track, but there's no way it's going to fit neatly into any existing class without significant modifications, and then probably wouldn't be competitive. What you're considering is even more radical in terms of the classes I'm familiar with.
Jim Blackwood

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