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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 35DE8 springs

anybody know how to get hold of new springs for the centrifugal advance on my 35DE8 without having to buy a complete new distributor.

All the main agants want to sell me a complete unit for 200-300..... I only want 20p worth of springs

Many years ago - 10 or more! - TriumphTune ( part of Moss Europe ) used to sell a set of advance springs to alter the curve of lucas distributors, if they still sell it that might give you what you need.

You could also try Aldon, although probably best know for their octane booster they also supply retimed distributors.

Hope this helps.


Dave Brooke

I know that Real Steel do an advance curve kit for about 7 for the Rover dizzy.


I bought the kit Pete mentions from Real Steel. It is intended for the Chevrolet small block. I used one of the gold springs (the most compliant) from the kit for the innitial advance and the original spring for the later part of the curve - I found none of the others in the kit suitable.

Nick Wilson

Does anybody have contact details for real steel (web site?)

Aldon are like everybody else want to sell me a recon until for 250
nigel Madagan

Real Steel don't have a website as far as I know. You can phone them on 01895 440505.


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