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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 3.8 V-6 90* MGB Swap

Any body have advice besides use a Rover V-8?
vem myers

I am still accessing and comparing the 60 degree V6 to the rover conversion.

Currently the hood clearance with the V6 (carbed)is intolerable without modifying the manifold, whereas the rover will clear with the original man., and possibly with the edelbrock, using "AC mounts"..overall, for me, this does not tip the scale in either direction.

I am awaiting detailed info., on the extent of the rover body mods..query, does the accelerator pedal assembly have to be relocated on a MK1 chrome bumper?--this along with the steering mods may be the decisive factor for me.

...I may end up building a mid-to-topend torquer 60 degree V6, geared with (probably) the original ratio (3.9:1), and the possibility of 3.56:1 drop.

Sure --use a 302 Ford --lots of power cheaper !
Installation is a bit of a challenge but it all fits under the bonnet.
Gil Price

The stock progressive 2bbl carb works under the bonnet and is a progressive 2bbl system. I use this in my old GMC S15 and i really liked that carburetor. The 4bbl system is a bit more expensive to keep under the stock panels, but can be done.. others are using a Weber on the stock manifold, or so i have been told. TBI is simple F.I. and can be retrofitted to most 60 degree motors and fits very well and adds power.

Just tossing some ideas out...


BTW: 3.56 ratio??? What is that out of?
BMC Brian McCullough

Jegawatt, if the 60 degree will fit in a midget without steering mods, then it will certainly fit in a B. There are kits available for this swap, all the hard work figured out already. Check the archives and you'll find all the information you need. The 90 degree 3.8 should fit as well as the Rover/Buick. Tricky parts are making sure you have the correct flywheel for the engine, odd fire or even fire.
Bill Young

appreciate the input, I do like the Webers and would not be averse to using their 4 bbl.

the steering mod's was/is part of the reason i am looking at the 60 degree engines. Thank you anyway.

To reiterate, does anyone know if the rover requires relocating the accellerator pedal on a chrome bumper MK1?..the pedals are close enough as they are.

regarding the gear ratio's, I was thinking after market for an MGB?.if not I will just change the rear end to something domestic or pehaps an MGC rear end if the proper ratio can be attained (for this). There is a wire wheel shop in Santa Cruz that may have one (or several)laying well as many other sources for parts here..just have to know where to look.

I was also against using a scoop on my v-6 so I had a new manifold top milled from alluminum to fit the edelbrock 4 brl manifold base. It works great.
Let me know if I can help.

I'm asking 90* 3.8 V6, NOT the 60*, which does fit under and has kits from both Bill and Brian. I'm using a tree-crushed drive train from a 2001 Camaro with 9k original miles. I have the entire engine/harness,OD autotrans, driveshaft and complete rear axle. Mockup and measurement suggests the lump will fit "all-in", but the headers are a stumper. Appears the only viable to clear steering is out the fender wells, through the splash box to collector, then under. I read in "Jags-that-Run, that flipping a stock ex manifold could allow huggers, but it looks way to close for my eyes. As this engine is 5.25" shorter than the V-8, except for cutting off the original chassis motor mount plates, there appears to be plenty of horizontal room and no other bay mods to do.Anybody out there done this one?
vem myers

Greetings... I am considering a Chevy 60 degree V6 conversion for my rebuilt (not restored) 67B Rdstr. My first concern is the narrow gearbox tunnel. Can a 67B be easily converted without lots of cutting and welding or should I look for a rubber bumper car ? Any advise is welcome !!

I meant to start a new thread, didn't mean to hijack the above discussion....sorry !! Too late now :(

the tunnel only needs a slight dressing in one place to clear a T5, and a small dimple to clear a head bolt at the mouth of the tunnel. In the archives you will find plenty to confirm this.

Incidentally, the option of a 90 degree engine, for myself, is nothing short of the full 8 cylinders. Body mod's are relatively simple to is the mechanical/geometrical (steering-angle of)and the original ergonomic functionality (accelerator pedal-?)
that I am rather concerned with..the steering I can, I believe, design to avoid the rover without altering the the steering wheel angle..this actually intrigues me.

I ordered a video from Mr. Towery that should address my concerns.

jeg- who is this Towery fellow?
vem myers

Jegawatt - "To reiterate, does anyone know if the rover requires relocating the accellerator pedal on a chrome bumper MK1?..the pedals are close enough as they are. "
The simple answer is yes (on my 74 c/b roadster). The mounting for the accelerator needs to be repositioned further back (into the cabin) as the original mounting is removed as part of the steering column relocation and bulkhead trimming. The changes do not make the pedals closer together though.
Hope this helps.
Tony Bates

I believe he specialize's in MGB V8 conversions..I know he visits this site occasionally.

Towery Foreign Car Service
PO Box 354, Delaware Airpark
Cheswold, DE 19936
Tel: (302)734-1243
Contact:Glenn Towery


appreciate the input. I may may be able to modify the pedal assembly so that it does not project out beyond the other pedals..something I will have to look at.

Even though the mount moves into the cabin, you can adjust the throttle cable and stops so that the pedal does project beyond the others.
Tony Bates

The 67 MGB requires a bit more work than the MK II MGB's
The tunnel is much narower than the 68 an up MGB's and the firewall needs more work next to the steering columm. Time wise it would take an experience welder about 1/2 a day and two or three cups of coffee/beer.
To the average person about a weekends work.
Bill Guzman

Jeez we're loosing this thread guys. I really could use some of the sage knowledge lurking out there for TB conversion of the drive-by-wire (DBW) back to a cable, reprogramming of the computer to eliminate charcoal can sensor, mag key VSS, DBW ( assuming I can convert back to cable), header configuration-Thankyou Don Ziegler- out the wells cause huggers look like an insane effort,and swirl pot rig ( altough the OZ post here has my attention); and front motor mount adaptation to the front cross member as universally advised by you fellas. Bill, surely you must know or are capable of some header arrangement for this 3/side 90* engine! Would a reworked 60* set be useable here? Toney/Moe get your own thread dudeos ( Moe thanx for the apology). Regards, cheers, and help. Vic
vem myers

Ouch, I've been told reprograms for the Camaro engine ECU are only available for the V-8 ( Street Performance Inc.). That's gonna be a toe-stubber unless one of you wonderful guys out there can aim me somewhere else. Thanx in advance, Vic
vem myers current opinions lurking huh? Vic
vem myers

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