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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 3800 Buick engine

Does anyone have any information regarding the 3800 engine swap into a late model MGB?
SS Shepherd

I haven't seen any of these in a B, but shouldn't be much more problem than the Buick/Rover V8. Bellhousing pattern is the same, althought the head design is different and the engine is a little wider because of that. Can be done, but the 60 degree GM V6 is a much easier fit. Bill Guzman might have more information, I think I remember him saying he'd done one in the past.
Bill Young
Dan Masters

There is an occational 3.8L Buick out there, but most guys have used the 60 degree V6 3.4L SFI motors because the fit is great and the conversion parts are easy to come by with decent power results.
My site:
-look at the V6 section and the store too.
BTW, we now have driveshafts and other items for anyone using the T5 5 speed and parts for other V6/V8 drivelines as well.
BMC Brian McCullough

I think the 3800 used in fwd uses the 60 degree V6 bellhousing pattern.

greg fast

A V8 gets you there with a rumble!

SS- Well, I'm a bonafide first hand here. A year ago I started my 3800 Series II EFI, 90* V6 swap ( against Bill's, Dan's and everybodie's very good advice), finally using the attached 4L60E instead of the T-56 I had gruelingly sought out and purchased thinking I gotta have this 6-speed rig. Well, that baby and the fly and HBO is available ( 2001, with 8600 original miles) if any you'en want her. The automatic, using the shortened stock rear axle/gears still "thinks" it's in the original car ( a tree-smashed 2001 Camaro with 9600 original miles). The little lady says she's willing to drive this simple automatic with no shifting required. The 90* motor fit in the 79 LE bay with less hammer and saw than the V-8, and I shoehorned the whole enchilada underhood, no scoops required, and set the battery on a revised shelf next to the heater box. One problem was the oil filter, ultimately blanked and remotely placed to clear the steering rack. The homemade headers were carefully balanced with 1 1/4" primaries, each 34 inches, thru-well, to a 2 x 10 collector, crossover, then Flowmasters out on 1 3/4 tails. After lots of headscratching, O2 spoofs, square sign generators Vats, and other gizmos, I finally grafted the entire blackbox, EFI and ancillaries into the B system and actually started the beast a few months ago. What a thrill and so damn smooth!!!!!! I used the rear discs on the shortened Camaro axle after some changes and mounted the smaller stock 15 inch GM wheels and tires to keep the computer happy. I adapted the Camaro console into the MGB motiff for the 76-80 dash style using the GM shifter and interfaces, including the electronic throttle and brake setup. The stock fuel pump was mounted in a new MGB tank with a swirlpot setup that was pretty clever if I may say. This swap is recommended I think if you can get the deal on the engine/trans. With some TB tricks and shifter kits, I'm looking at 220HP/240 # torgue prettymuch outta the box. I was inspired by Guzman telling me it could be done, and by a friendly guy in Hayward, California, Don Ziegler, who kept me motivated and helped with some toe-stubbers. He did his same swap 5 years ago and put it in a smaller compartment 68 Roadster. If you want jpegs, get me off-board and we can chew the rag. Cheers, Vic
vem myers

Thanks for the info there.
One question remains concerning the cooling system...did you transfer the Camaro radiator or have one fabricated to suit?
The reason is this engine and trans combo was used here as well for many years and was known locally as the Holden Commodore.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

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