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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 4 barrel carter fuel inlet

I am converting my mgb to v8 and have fitted a 4 barrel carter on a offenhauser manifold. I am connecting up the pipe work to the carb, it is a 9500 model with auto choke(electric) to the left of the choke is a 3/8 bsp inlet/outlet is this the fuel inlet pipe ? Any one out there help with what pipes are what or a diagram or does any one want to swap for a 390 holley.
Thanks Paul
p stanford

Your Carterburetor will work fine. It's been successfully used on many MGB-Rover conversions. Its Edelbrock cousin seems somewhat more popular, but I think that's a question of easy availability.

The fuel inlet is located as you've described. You can just spy how it's connected in this photo:
(Paul Schils' GT, with Offenhauser / Carter combo on a Rover V8)

The connections should be similar to these (although this photo shows the Edelbrock version of the carb):

If you surf around on the British V8 website you can take a quick census and see what other people are using.
H Jacobson

Thanks for that.Could you tell what the 8mm pipe is on the front of the carb is it a breather pipe and should it connect to the rocker box, the filter has a outlet pipe on it where does that go??
Regards Paul
p stanford

The big port in the center-front can be blocked off or it can be connected for positive crankcase ventilation. The advantage of connecting PCV here is that it won't fowl your air filter.

The filter has an outlet pipe? Do you mean the air filter or the fuel filter? Some air filters have a connection for PCV as mentioned above.
Curtis Jacobson

Thanks Curtis,
the filter i mentioned was in the base of the air filter.Are there any other items that I need to know regarding conections.So the little 8mm pipe connects tothe rocker box .
Kind regards Paul
p stanford

Paul, I've just finished fitting an Edelbrock 500 carby this weekend. I can send pix if you email me. A few points not mentioned so far are.If you use the breather port at the front for crankcase ventilation, you must use a PCV valve otherwise you'll never get the revs down. There's a tapped port at the back of the carb for brake boost. This should be blanked off if you're using the port on the manifold or not using a brake booster. If you connect the throttle cable to the reccomended place on the carb. , you'll find that the MG cable doesn't have enough travel to fully open the carb throttle. Repositioning the cable attaching point will be neccessary. There's 2 vacuum ports at the front. I've used the one on the RHD passenger side. My car is devoid of any anti smog gear. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Are you guys running vacuum advance distributors? If so, you'll want to use the correct port on the front of the carb for that... the one that's on your left when standing at the bumper and looking into the engine compartment.

I'm pretty sure the Edelbrock 1404 manual can be found on the web. You might want to search around for it (using Google or whatever...) for the theory-of-operation stuff it includes. It's a pretty good read, and it's also applicable to Carter AFB except details like jet part numbers.
Curtis Jacobson

Here's a site I found a while back when I was building my car. Lots of good info.
Simon Austin

super site thanks .
Thanks to the rest of you for your help I have copied and pasted all you remarks for future reference.
All the best Paul
p stanford

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