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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 4.3 V6?

Some time ago, I took some rough measurements on a vortec 4.3 L V6 in a Blazer and concluded there was no way it could fit in an MGB without major alterations, buldges, etc. Yet I see there is one pictured - see the 3.6L V6 thread. Is there any info out there on how to do this? Thanks!
Allen Bachelder

You're joking right? That thing fit like a glove. The engine mounts were tabs sticking up from the crossmember maybe 3" and bolting to the engine, and the exhaust had PLENTY of room. (running through the inner fenders) Obviously you can bolt a t56 to the motor, so logic dictates a T5 would bolt on as well. I wish I had taken about 35 pics of that car, but my father had the digital camera. That conversion was absolutely sweet, and if the power he's making is legitimate, there could be something to that swap.


p.s. Anyone know what the story is on those nascar heads?

Allen. some years ago I was running a 3.8 Chevy in my MGB, the mods are the same as per 215, except, intake manifold. The stock intake is way too tall to fit under the stock hood of the MGB, you have to have a modified manifold, or an aftermarket manifold and, even then you would have to modify it too.I didn't do any of the above, instead, I made my own low profile air filter using stock Chevy air cleaner, cutting the base and dropping it 1" and rewelding, the cover was made from the same air filter trimmed to size of a Honda filter (10"x 1 3/4"). The exaust was taken from a Chevy 4.3 (tubular stock) and modified to came out of inner fenders wells, this bolt right to the 3.8 heads without modification to flanges.
By the way, even with that low profile air cleaner there was rubbing to the underside of the hood.


Hey guys, Thanks for the input. Justin - I'm not joking, just exposing my ignorance! I've been planning an Olds 215 conversion - which seems easier on my novice brain because there aren't so many choices! Also, the engine is at hand. And I'm talking about a 74.5 rubber bumpered GT here. Not a difficult candidate for an engine swap. I don't need 364 hp. I'm so used to 73, that 150 would totally blow me away, and if 180 or 200 are easily available, why not? But a friend mentioned to me that 4.3 L V6s are very cheap and readily available. But are they too heavy or too big? Apparently not? I'm talking about a driver here - so whatever I build has got to be tractible. There seem to be so many V6s out there... So many engines, so little time...
Allen Bachelder

The thing about a conversion is eventually, they loose their 'luster'(unless you're Steve Carrick...hehe.) The power is SO MUCH FUN for probably the first year or so, and then once you get a handle on it, you want even more. It's addicting. I've learned a LOT from my conversion, and I've learned a LOT about driving, but I'm ready for more. Don't paint yourself into a corner where when you want more power, it's not readily available. What's the maximum (reasonable) output you can get from a 3.4V6? Buick 215? Rover 3.9/4.2? Ford 302? I'm not saying one way is better then the others, just weigh out all the options, and make sure you can change and upgrade *should* you ever have a desire to.


Justin wrote:

"...change and upgrade *should* you ever have a desire to."

That should read: "...change and upgrade *when* you have the desire to."

As you surely will, it's written in the stars!
Dan Masters

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