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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 5 speed Toyota Nissan conversion

I am in the process of collecting any information avalible to convert a '77 mgb roadster from the standard 4 speed gear box to modern five speed, my '77 has the four cylinder engine.

I understand there a couple of kits avalible, one uses the Toyota Supra transmission and various retrofit parts, the other is pretty much the same idea using a Nissan/Datsun transmission.

My questions are:

Who has the kits avalible?
Are there other kits avalible?
Has anyone made this conversion?
Is ther any RPM advantage using this
idea over the MGB overdrive unit?

Any comments would be appreciated. Terry
Terry M. Dawes

You can find 5 speed conversions on e-bay all the time. look under MGB. There is one on right now. They go for around $1000.
Garret Koster

This thread was discussed on 21/11/2000

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