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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - '62 Sprite conversion

Just sold my '76 Datsun Z with a 383sbc, weiand blower.
And am now the owner of a '62 Sprite. As can be imagined the 52cid feels anemic. What transplants out there have been done? And don't require to much cutting. My Z only required making new motor mounts to fit.

Try the following site appropriately called stuffing a V8 into a British sports car. It lists several interesting conversions for Sprites.
mark mathiesen

Eh Vincebo,

If you say a prayer for the Sacramento Kings for Friday night's game against the LA LA Lakers....

I've got a 'how to manual' put out by 'Rotary Rockets' out of Arizona. The manual describes how to put a 12A or 13B with 5 speed into a Sprite. Minimal cutting and fabrication. New axel shafts, or narrow a first generation RX7 rear with possi. Postage and copying charges and a weeks time, it's yours if you're interested.

My friend John put a 302 Ford with ford rear axle etc... Have you seen grass roots magazine My friend Dave did the rotary on a midget, 5 series article, Also if you could contact Tri Point Eng. in Calabasas Ca.
They have done formula fords, Bugeye sprites with Lenco 5 speed and Rotary power. These cars are rocket ships, they are faster than Vettes C5's on the track Really. if you are serious and need anything let me know. If you can, come and see the bugeye.

r/Bill G.

Bill Guzman

For instant info on the web, try the following link:

Something to consider in your particular case is the quarter elliptic springs used in your '62. I'm not sure how they will handle the power you can get with any engine swap. Don't despair though. There was a guy advertising in Hemmings with a Bugeye Sprite with a twin-turbo Mazda rotary. Claimed 450hp. So he found a solution (or maybe this was the cause for sale).
Derek Nicholson

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