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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 74 Midget V8

I have seen a couple of photos but.... does anybody know where to find detailed information on a midget/Rover V8 conversion? Mine is a 74-1/2.

74 RWA Midget
R.M. Rivenbark

There is a fellow who posts here who has a 2.8L MPFI Camaro V6 in the car. Its supposed to be fast. He also posts in the Midget section of this board. also has a forum that discusses generally V6 MG B, but a few Midget, Alpine and kit owners pop in on occation for a bit of input. Smaller motor with the same amount of power.. There are also people who have done RX-7 transplants with good success.

BMC Brian McCullough

The MGV8 website is the place to start.

Marc Judson

I've got one! Well at least most of one. Ian Denny has stuck a few pictures on his KSeries page (Thanks Ian) - I've got tons of info and I'll try to get it on the web soon.
Stuart Robson

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