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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - 75 Trunk Fuel Pump

With regard to a 1975 B, does any one know the size of the hole (in the trunk) which the fuel pump slips into.
With my conversion I thought it might be nice to have the new fuel pump go through the same hole. I am looking at a Carter CRT-P4070 with a diameter of 2 3/8" at 7psi to mate up with my Edelbrock carb
Thank You


Iím surprised when simple questions donít have simple answers. Because Iím not using the original pump, I thought I could go out and measure it quickly. The grommet wonít come out so I can only measure the size of the hole through it. The opening through the old warped grommet is about two inches.

George Champion

Interesting; I don't know if it's for better or for worse, but my Rover 4.2 motor just has a mechanical fuel pump. Is an electric better? Interestingly, the car still has the SU electric pump from its 4-cylinder days but the same is not connected, so it just sucks fuel right through it.
Fred Testa

IMHO I suppose that a mechanical pump causes a little more friction as the cam drives it and thus results in a slight lose of horsepower.
I have learned via this BBS that a minimum pump pressure is 5lbs psi at @3400RPM. The MGB pumps
will provide fuel but are @0lbs psi at @3400RPM.
I just got in from taking a look (again) at the pump set up. I have figured out a couple of different ways to install it.




I don't want to sound like a know-it-all but I think Edelbrock recommends a maximum of 6 psi for their carbs. It will tell you on the 'important information' slip that came with the carb.

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