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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Accusump - pre-oiling and surge protection

I've now managed to buy an Accusump, electric valve and associated bits. I bought it through a friend in the USA where it is about half the UK price. Unfortunately it won't be brought over here until January so I will have to wait. However, if anyone has any expereince fitting or using these things I would be glad to hear about it.

Man you must really love your car. The Accusump thing really seems over the top, unless you were talking about a $250,000 Ferarri or something. Me, I'll just get my engine rebuilt after 100K miles, unless I crash the car first. The less stuff in the engine bay, the less there is to break!

It's really that the cold-start rattle makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and the USA price for the kit is so cheap that I figure why not?
It's a hell of a lot cheaper than most of the other work that the car has had done to it.


Have you tried castrol magnetic for your cold start rattle.


On a related note, another list that I am on posted this link the other day:

Its the buildup of a 'streetable' 8 second car. If you scroll down to the bottom of page 5 they are using a Stef's drysump setup. I realize that the Accusump is a preoiler, but thought that some of you guys would still find it interesting.



If you move your remote Oil filter and lines down to sump level (or as low as you can go) you should get rid of most of the start up rattle


As you may recall, I started a thread on preoilers several months ago to which you contributed and totally agree with your concern about the 'dry' start up. Of course I haven't done anything except be very careful when I start the engine from cold.

By that I mean minimise revs until the guage has a reading. However the reason for this reply is something I learned from the Saab site I am interested in. This supports Paul's suggestion of using Castrol Magnatec.

Next oil change, which will be very shortly will be to Magnatec, because some of the Saab people advocate this reduces the dryness at start up. I have Magnatic in my Saab and will try it in the V8. Hopefully the difference will be quite dramatic.

I think it is worth the try.

Ian G Buckley

I thought I was the only one worried about the start up rattle - obviously not! I'm afraid I don't know what an Accusump is but get the gist. My factory car is fitted with a Kenlowe Hotstart and the first engine (now on the second one) expired at 245,000 miles or there about. Don't know if these Hotstart things are still available but it seems that they do some good if you have power in the garage to plug it into the mains.

Start-up ratle can be cause by piston slap. Piston slap is the increase clearence between the piston and the cylinder wall, this can last for aboput 3 to 10 seconds. Also can be cause by weak oil filter check valve. I have had bad luck with Fram filters. Best filter is AC, Napa,Cat, and Wynx. these filters have a better build check valve and internals.

I lost oil pressure with a Fram filter on my GT. Lost 15 lbs of oil pressure on my 454 SS truck and I can go on about Fram filters.
BTW, Fram, STP, K&N, Pep Boys, etc. they all are the same as Fram.
Check the archives for more info on fram filters.
Bill Guzman

Intersting comment about keeping the filter low.
I just saw an old article the other day about an early (mid sixties) conversion and they showed the filter assy. right behind the front bumper next to the oil cooler. It looks like a good place to make room for other items in the engine bay. And, it was easy to get to.
About filters, the Fram TG series have a check valve that prevents the oil from draining back out of the filter. They work great.

I've also commented on using the accusump device before. They really do extend the life of your engine.
There's plenty of mounting room in the front wing area just forward of the door post.


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