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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Aftermarket heaters?

Well, my S/C project is progressing along. The stock heater box is now a air filter housing/cowl induction unit.
Now I need to come up with some sort of heater.
I checked Vintage air, and HotRod air, however they pretty much have complete HVAC or AC add on systems.
I could probably fab something up, if I could find a small "universal" type heater core. But I would rather go the "easy" route, and try and use some sort of small under dash unit, up in the passinger foot well area.
bill jacobson

there are small cabin heaters for boats and cars made, that are mounted in the engine compartmend and are heated up with the same fuel the engine is delivered with from the vehecles tank.

They have a blower motor inside the housing and deliver air whenever operated. They can be used as a heater or a blower only.




The T-Series guys use something like this:
Carl Floyd

I think I remember seeing in Jeg's or Summit Racing a small heater for hot rods.
Terry M


Pictures please? Would love to see the development.



I ran across this

Bob Fisher

Thanks for the info guys. The Southern rods unit looks like it could work. I'll have to contact them and find out how big it is. The smaller the better. It dosn't take much to heat up the inside of B.
Here's one for you JB
bill jacobson

Ok I'll try the pic again.
bill jacobson

No luck, maybe the file size is to large for this BBS? Could be my stone age computer and dial-up too.
bill jacobson

Another one from Southern Air:
Carl Floyd

Ralph, I would like to see some more info on the gas fired heaters if you have it. The only one of those I've seen was at a flea market and it was probably 50 years old, but I should have bought it. I'm sure they have modern ignition systems on the ones being made now though. Nothing like instant heat!

Jim Blackwood

Bill- I continue to eyeball the heater and intake box under the chrome piece for cool fresh air intake for the Moss SC car. Love to see any jpegs you have in your setup. Nowadays, there must be an electric 12 volt ceramic heater, much smaller and way more efficirnt than the 43 year old technology I currently have. Share the secret old stick! Cheers, Vic
vem myers


just have a look here: or and select Airtronic.
There is an other producer too, although there are only few information given on first glance on this page: .

I once had a Eberspächer air heater in a GT and it was a joy. On my Christ*Craft i have one of both verions, air and liqid for heating up engines (liqid) and the cabin (air).

Easy to install, small, light and very powerfull.
You can just compare it to a central heating or the normal car heaters that seems to be a simple oven in this meaning.

I hope i could explain it a little bit understandable this way, just have a look upon the pages.


I e-mailed you some pics of the air/heater box mod.

bill jacobson

JB, where in Iraq are you?
Bill Guzman

Good links Ralph. That is the kind of heater to have. And at the price the only reason we don't have them as standard equipment is the waste heat from the car engine. Having warm air in less than half a minute would definitely be a luxury. That plus remote control is downright decadent. It looked like they had one model that warms both the air and the coolant. If it only had a means of radiating heat from the coolant once the engine warms up to save on fuel consumption it would be the perfect heater, and a perfect replacement when the heater box is removed for an engine swap. Not exactly cheap, but I'm pretty sure the original heater is somewhat pricey as well.

Jim Blackwood

I contacted Southern rods, the 841H unit is a 7" cube. The 842H is a low profile unit 8W x 7D x 3H.
The cube heater would probably work well under the hood, on the firewall shelf with some ducting.
The 842H looks to be well suited for under dash mounting. I decided to go with the 842H, according to my measurements it should fit.
The passinger foot well area in my car is smaller than standard. Due to firewall/tunnel mods and added electronics on the RH kick panel.
My wife likes the idea, that it says "high performance heater"!
bill jacobson

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