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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Airfilter for Edelbrock carbs

I changed my SUs into an Edelbrock 500 cfm carb. Inlet manifold is Offenhauser 360. Works very good.
Now my question is: Has anybody a better solution for the airfilter than the low rider filter with 2" element.It is so less space between the carb and the upper filter cover, I think it can't be good for engine breathing.Has anybody tried an remote airfilter setup? If yes , which parts do you use?
Maybe a Photo available?
Thank you all for your help.

Thomas Assmann
Thomas Assmann

Assuming that you went with the low rider 2 inch due to hood (bonnet) clearance issues, I would say that the part of the remote assembly directly over the carb would be very close to where the top of your present air cleaner is, so no geat advantage there.
George B.

K&N makes a unit. It is called a plenum. It requires 3 1/8" from the base of the carb were the air cleaner sits. It is 9" diameter and then has a 4" diameter inlet tube. I don't have a part number here at work but have one at home.
Larry Embrey

Thomas, try a K&N Xtreme filter lid. You retain your 2 inch filter and it simply replaces the existing solid filter lid with one that allows air to pass through it. Makes a noticeable difference. Try and don't be surprised if it takes a couple of months to arrive as they seem to be very scarce.


Yeah Via the mail order companies the X-streams are hard to get, I am luck this one time, every other store I wak into has them..

I ot the part number for that KK&N Carb Plenum. 9" diam (about the same width as the bowls on a holley carb., requires 3 1/8" hieght from the surface the air filter rests on, 6" snorkel. K&N p/n: 85-1060 The K&N specs say it is only good using ona motor up to about 200hp, but i have sen one used to fit a turbo on a Ford 351 which was many hundred...
Larry Embrey

Thank you all for your comments, but my idea with an remote filter is to make a pipe from the carb to the front grille of the car, and to get cooler air from there.THere are pictures on the V8 conversion site from Curtis Jacobsen. He made it with Ford Probe Parts, but i don't know which part he used on the carb.Maybe you want to look under
Look under the General engine pictures from Curtis Jacobsen.
Thomas Assmann

The K&N plenum I am talking about is exaclty what he has mounted on his carb. you will then have to make/buy a tube and air inlet with filter for the front of your car.
Larry Embrey

Thank you Larry, I will look for the KN plenum. I will give you a mail if it fits and works good.

Many regards, Thomas
Thomas Assmann

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