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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alternator & Air Filter Clearances

Another small problem is that when I close the bonnet and push gently above the alternator position the pulley/fan on the alternator catch the underside of the bonnet. The clearance is less than 1/4". Is this normal?
The other problem is that I cant fit an air filter under the bonnet (Holley 390cfm on an Edelbrock manifold) the horn on the top of the Holley only clears the bonnet by 3/8" which means even the lowest of Low Riders stops the bonnet from closing. Can somebody tell me what the distance should be. I have a feeling the engine is mounted too high in the engine bay.

Engine may be too high, or tilted too far back. When I first set mine up I had the engine a cm higher at the front which meant the back had to be lower to clear the low spot in the transmission tunnel, which tilted the front further up and the heads back toward the bulkhead, which forced the motor forward. I eventualy squeezed the front down and the back up, which allowed me to have the engine further back (heads tilted forward) which also gave more bonnet clearance.

However prior to doing that I fitted an internal fan type alternator. This is a 100amp one that came with a belt type pulley. I fitted a V type pulley and it works well. The internal fan and the rounded shape of the front of the alternator casting allowed about 1 cm more bonnet clearance than the squared off external front fan..

Place a straight edge, resting on where the mudguards bolt on across the flat surface at the front of the rocker covers.

The distance needs to be 2" or more.

Ian Buckley


The MGC Bonnet may be a better option than RV8 if high at front.
I use a deep K&N xstream filter so additional room is helpful.


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