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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Alu fabricator recommendation?

Can anyone recommend a fabricator who works in sheet aluminum? I just got what I think is a killer idea for a cold air box/rain drain thing for using with bonnet louvers ... I was thinking of putting some louvers toward the rear of the hood to take cold air in at speed (as it's a positive pressure area), and vent hot air when stopped/low speed (as there's no positive pressure then) ... then I got the idea of having a box built to loosely surround the air cleaner and prevent rain from getting onto the motor ... assuming I can draw and dimension it accurately I'd like to have one made up. I know I'm not gonna win the Nobel Prize for this idea, but you guys understand how one's brain gets to workin' when he is trapped indoors in the dead of winter. Any recommendations?

ted, get yourself a big chunk of high density foam at home depot/lowes and cut it and sculpt it to the shape you need, than take that to a sheet metal shop or spray it with POR15 and install it in the bay yourself, just a thought, jim
jim m

Hi, Ted, You could try Fournier Enterprises near
Detroit, MI.
John Renaud

AC Cobra, used a cold air box that surrounded the carb. and air cleaner and was open at the top to recieve fresh air from the hood-vent. (Your louver's location would be better.) This setup is affectionatly known as the "turkey-pan".
Old"s 442 (W30), Dodge/Plymouth hi-po intakes, big-block Vetts and others did similar cold-air induction set ups.
For my DGV Weber-ed 1500 midget, I used a 3" X 9" round aluminum baking pan that I bought at a thrift store for 50-cents. Cut out the bottom to replace the Longflo air cleaner base and shaped the top edge of the pan to fit aginst the inner hood surface with a slit rubber hose to help "seal" out the warm engine air. I then epoxied in a plastic PCV hose fitting ($2 at Autozone), for a rain water drain hose, but then I ALMOST never drive it in the wet.
Virtually ALL modern cars have some provision for getting cold air to the intake via under hood ducting. On a built 3.5, cold-air is probably worth at least a handfull of ponies. Free power!
Enjoy the ride! Marc
Marc Judson

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