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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Aluminum V6

Saw an aluminum block and head V6 out of an 89 Eagle..
Anyone have any info on this engine for a swap into an RBMG
M March

Your problem will be in finding a trany to put behind it. Chrysler has not made any rear drive products with this engine. At the very least you would have to fabricate a t5 adapter and then find/make a clutch plate and preassure plate to fit. Also you need linkage. Unlike chevy and rover, after 20 years you would have trouble finding parts for this engine, since you would probably start with a donor that is 5-10 years old, that does not leave a lot of factory support time on the clock! Having said all that, it is a nice engine, tons of power and very compact. Ive looked at a few nice jap engines but the Miata is about the only one that would fit the bill. The Toyota twin cam is too rare in Canada!

Pete 67gt
peter plouf


Thanks for the info. I thought that this was a jap engine, mitsubishi maybe. The only info I could find on the web is that it's a 3.0l sohc. Were the other engines you mentioned aluminum block? That's what excited me about this particular one. I did happen across a toyota twin cam. What are the postives about this engine, displacement etc.. I'd imagine that it would bolt up nice to a toyota or bw tranny.

M March

Toyota engines and tranies are bulletproof. The corolla came in a 1600 twin cam format that really went and looked good with a pair of webers. I think there is a 2 litre version of the engine. The advantage is ease of istalation, a good five speed trany and tons of room to install the thing. Cooling is not a problem.
I dont know about length; the tricky part of any swap into the MGB is that the engine has to fit behind the steering rack, and in front of the heater. If I recall thats about 23 inches from front of balancer to engine backplate. A miata engine would be another good swap. The cars are about the same weight and as I drive a miata everyday I can attest that it is a responsive engine even in stock form. VERY nice trany that begs to be shifted! Seven thousand rpm and the motor seems happy and unstressed. Don't imagine it would be cheap to buy one though! I did stuff a fiat engine into my MG midget years ago (called it a fidget) and that also was a very sweet engine/ trany. That engine is getting a little long in the tooth and hard to find and repair. You need a very short two piece driveshaft, but the rear flange bolts up to the MG rear end! How about a BMW engine and trany; seems to make sense with current ownership of MG! A four cylinder DOHC would look "right" sitting in an MGB and exhaust routing should be much less of a problem. That said, most of us are fans of low rpm torque which dictates american engine design for our swaps : v6 or v8!.

Pete 67 gt
peter plouf

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