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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - An alternative 300+ lightweight V8

Just a thought, but we are always looking at alternative engines!

How about the Cyclone Y40R 2 litre V8. Very compact and light, it fits in Caterham Sevens and similar chassis.

It's probably too much of a screamer, possibly better in a midget than a B.

V8, 40 valves, quad cams, 302 HP @ 10,000 rpm, 167 ft/lb @ 8,500 rpm and that's on carburetors; they are developing a fuel injected version which will give MUCH more.

Here's the link:-

I've been thinking about buying a Mallock to race; it would go well with a Cyclone Y40R.

Nigel Steward


Any idea of cost?

Certainly an alternative to K for B or Midget, but would be stunning in a Midget.


Look at that billet crankcase on the fuel injection page......

...It aint gunna be cheap :(

I want one though
Stuart Robson

Neat little engine. Looks like two bike cylinder/head assemblies on a new crankcase. I noticed that the manufacturer used a 6 speed tranny, necessary I suppose because of the low torque numbers relative to the hp. Definitely would work best in a light car.
Bill Young

I should have added the dimensions:-

460mm long
540mm wide
430mm high
73kg weight

Over 150 bhp per litre, and very small - got to have one!


Nigel Steward

No, no, no, no! This is NOT an engine you will be happy with in a street driven car. Forget about HP, HP figures are meaningless. Look at the torque curve - never gets above 167 lb/ft.

Compare that with the torque curve of a 302 Ford HO engine: torque never drops below 300 lb/ft from off idle to redline. HP peaks at 350-375 around 4,000 - 5,000 rpm.

At 6,000 rpm, HP is only a little over 150 on this engine (not that HP means anything).

Torque rules! We live for torque. If you plan to drive your MGB on the street, I can confidently guarantee you would soon learn to detest this engine.

It is pretty neat, though.
Dan Masters

Why not tell us how you really feel about this motor? Nah, I agree with you. It is a sweet piece, but it's sort of a triple-distilled Honda S-2000 engine. I drove one of those and I didn't like the all-or-nothing power delivery.

Hi Guys,
These engines are great for lightweight cars. My 1963 Lotus Seven with a Cosworth racing engine (1500cc) weighs less than 1000lbs all up. The MG is more than double this weight. The torque is what's important to us, not the HP (the Cosworth is 125HP)
Tony Bates

This thread was discussed on 27/05/2004

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