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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Another couple of obscure Factory V-8 questions

Here are another couple of questions for those Factory V-8 folks out there, as I grope my way through my restoration:

1. What is the diameter of the circular carb dashpot clearance holes in the bonnet insulation, how far apart are the holes (I assume they are equidistant from the bonnet centerline), and how far are the edges of the holes from the bonnet crossbrace? (my car had the insulation pads removed, and I have to duplicate the holes in an MGB pad).

2. How much clearance is there between the radiator matrix and the front of the water pump hub? (I am investigating thicker radiator cores)

Thanks and Happy 2000,
Paul Kile
Paul Kile

Edge of holes to centre crossbrace= 13.5 inches
Diameter of holes = 1.5 inches
centre to centre of holes = 5 inches (therefore edge to edge = 3.5 inches
Rad to pulley hub clearance is 1.25 inches
Happy new year,
David Smith

Paul - are you aware of the cut-out in the front pad to clear the radiator? The dimensions of mine are 2 3/4" X 8" and the front edge of the cut-out is positioned 2" from the front edge of the pad and the LH edge of the cut-out is positioned 4 3/4" from the LH edge of the pad.

I had a copy of David Knowles 'MG V8 - Twenty-one Years On' for Christmas and I am sure it makes reference to both but I am not sure whether the front cut-out was on all cars (can't find the reference just at the moment). Superb book - very much a 'Clausager for factory V8' with some wonderful snippets e.g. you've heard of the 'Sabrina' bumpers? Well the prototype factory V8 had a 'Sabrina' bonnet, then all MGB bonnets were retooled with a greater curvature to give the V8 more clearance.

Paul Hunt

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