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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Another fuel pump source

for EFI and carb:
Carl Floyd

Great find Carl F. From TN.

That is all you need for a carb.
Bill Guzman

Hey guys, i'll bite... there appear to be several that would work... GSL395 @ $125, FRA-1 @ $55, 61xx series @ $85... but i'm not edjamacated enough to know what i need or want... In a carburated motor like mine (5.0L 302), what am i after in terms of flow rate & pressure? I've done some reading, but can't sort out what's important vs. what's hype. Plus i see similar specs on pumps from $50 to a few hundred dollars - whats different about them? And, some pumps seem really noisy while others aren't but there aren't specs for that?!?

x Ficalora


The Holley Red pump linked below is an excellent pump, I have used it in a few MG Ford V8 cars with great success.



Pete Mantell

For only $25.00 more the Holly Blue is a great deal and includes a pressure regulator.

110 gph & 14 psi max pressure.
Michael S. Domanowski

I posted an incorrect link here is the correct one:
Michael S. Domanowski

I use a stock F-150 frame mounted pump for EFI, sourced from the junkyard for $25. Works fine. You find them on dual tank f-150's.

Jim Blackwood

Great info... but what i'd really like to understand is what to look for in a fuel pump...

in my case the motor is a carburated 5.0L (Ford 302)...

what am I looking for in the way of fuel pressure -- and why -- e.g., what happens if the pressure is too low or too high?

Same with flow -- what am i looking for in terms of GPH & why -- what happens if the flow rate is too low or too high?

Looking for an education on this.

x Ficalora


The answer is "it depends..." First, look at the book that came with the carb you bought, if purchased new. That should answer your questions. My Edelbrock manual recommends a maimum of 6 lbs at idle, and recommends 5.5 lbs. At high rpm's and wide open throttle, pressure should still be 4 lbs or more. If less, you need a larger capacity pump. This was my experience with a 4.2 using a stock MGB pump at the drag strip. Above 90 mph wide open, there was not enough gas flow.

Consult your engine builder or seller for recommendations about fuel supply & pressure.

I don't know the state of tune of your engine, but I suspect the local Mustang owners can tell you what they run, your carb manual will help if the engine is mostly stock.

If your fuel pressure at idle is too high, it may stall on quick turns or hard stops with the clutch disengaged. You may run rich with too much pressure. Too little pressure or supply will result in a lean engine condition and loss of power.

Hope this helps.
Jim Stuart

Also, at the less expensive end of the scale, AutoZone sells a universal pump for about $30 that puts out either 2-4.5psi or 5-9psi. One or the other of these will usually be adequate for anything close to stock under 5L.

Jim Blackwood

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