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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Another one lives!

Well, another one hits the road. (almost) I took it out for it's first test drive today. WOW! What a blast! I'm sure the neighbors didn't think much of it since I was running open headers. Tomorrow, it's off to the exhaust shop and then it will be time for the shake down cruise. Wish me luck!

Here's what I ended up with:
1979 MGB rdstr
3.5 Rover, RV8 headers, Carter 400 carb, Mustang radiator, TR7 5spd, stock rear (for now)


Kelly Combes


My conversion (4 years old now) and upgraded every off season hit the road yesterday.

They are awesome machines

Have fun


Bruce Mills

Way to go Kelly !! The fun is just begining. I'm in my 2nd year with my 5.0L Ford conversion and its a blast.
i'm going to the MI V8 get together in Aug to see others cars and have a look--hope its not too far for you.
All the best --Gil
Gil Price

Kelly, Con grat's, not every one makes it. In every conversion there comes a dark momment where you are cold tired covered in crap and surrounded by lots and lots of very wrecked looking car and have just run into some seemingly insurrmountable problem. I suspect there are more than a few abortive V8 conversions in peoples back yards.
You know I've had mine up and running a
nearly two years now, and I still get a thrill everytime I drive it.
Its all about power to weight ratios!

Congrats! Get a nice throaty exhaust system on there and go for a spin! Enjoy it, it's SO much fun, and try to come to the V8 meet. They're really fun too!


Kelly, job well done. Where in FL are you located?
Bob McClain
1980 MGB-V8
4.6 Rover Eng.
5 Speed Trans.
3.331 Rear End
Bob McClain

Sam Stewart of Orlando put his on the road last Saturday. 1978 MGB-V8, 3.5 Ltr, 5 Spd. trans, Beautiful Black body. Still working out the final bugs, but she is running very strong.
Bob McClain
Bob McClain

Hi Bob,

I live in Naples, but I will be moving to the Orlando area this summer. I'll look you up when I get settled.

Kelly Combes

Mine rolled out today for the first time. It's a much different car than it was last year, and I can't get that grin off my face!

1979 Iris Blue mgb roadster:
1987 Range Rover 3.5 engine
Buick Distributor with pertronix Module and Coil
Crane Cam
RV8 Headers
Edelbrock 500 cfm carb
700R4 transmission (D&D kit)
B&M Quick Silver Shifter
MGB Rear End

Dave Winne

Kudos, Dave...WIll you be coming to Grand Rapids, MI in August for the V8 meet? rick
rick ingram

nice to know there are a few more MGs in Orlando.

74 RWA midget
R.M. Rivenbark

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