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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Anybody actually got a sebring on the road?

What's it like?
How does it ride, handle etc?
Is it worth it?

MBL and RMO are both mobile and are usually at MGCC Silverstone being exercised....

Are there any V8 sebring roadsters about?

"Sebring" (now a days) is nothing more then a look. It's not necessarily a difference in suspension, or how a car rides, or handles or anything else. For all intensive purposes, It's merely a cosmetic change. What needs to be looked at are the modifications done to the drive train and suspension of the vehicle. This is what will really have an effect on the car. Yes, I've seen a car with sebring style body panels, and a V8 under the hood. With the right performance modifications though , a 'non sebring' MG would whip the pants off a car with sebring panels and nothing more. This holds true of both 4 cylinders, and V8's....

Food for thought,

I fail to see the logic
With a V8 under the hood, how could a 'non sebring' MG whip the pants off a car with sebring panels (with the right performance modifications also)?
I accept, just to make the sebring conversion for cosmetic reasons only would be a waste of of effort but surely it must offer some advantages!

Just got word that the fellow that did the bodywork on my GT V-8 is going to be restoring one of the original Sebring mgb roadsters from 1963 (6DBL, I believe). Hopefully it will be ready to make an appearance at the 2003 Sebring race. I will be following the restoration and may be documenting it in British Car magazine - Stay tuned...

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

>>>>Are there any V8 sebring roadsters about?
=== No, there cannot be as MG had ceased racing by the time the BGTV8 was launched.
If you mean some sort of lookalike then yes there are bound to be as almost any abomination you can dream of based on an MGB has been attempted by somebody, somewhere.....

Sebring guards look great on GT in BRG, but unless you fill guards up with wheels & tyres its not so hot , my MGBGTV8 has Pannasport Minilite replicas 16x7 with 205 tyres &looks great ,& with standard looking guards. Steve
Stephen Foldhazy

There must be some Sebring conversions knocking about in the Uk. where are they and who did the work?

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