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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Anyone English here ?

All this talk of air-conditioning and chevy engines. Pfaaah ! Is there anyone who has a factory V8 engined MGBGT (not roadster) that has anything to talk about ?
Colin Hoad

What do you want to talk about??
76 BGTV8 MUF77P.
robert pulleyblank

Not very useful, for a first posting, Colin?
Paul Hunt

Maybe he already shot his wad?
George B.

Shot my wad ? What ?

Hey, Colin,

I've got a Factory V-8, and I'm not even in the Mother Country! I'm the guy that started this BBS section, and if you wait long enough occasionally you will see a post from one of us Factory car guys.

When I started this section, I had the Webmaster set it up for the Factory GT V-8s only. After several weeks of inactivity, I had him include the V-8 conversion cars as well. Otherwise, I figure Plumstead would have scuttled the section for lack of use. Cheers to Paul Hunt and David Smith as two of the first who responded - now good friends all.

I've got a theory - the reason you don't see many Factory V-8 postings here is that our cars are always running so sweetly that we don't have any issues worthy of discussion!!! (and if you believe that, I've got a large bridge outside of San Francisco that I can let you have, cheap!)

V-8s are great
Whether added or innate
So ease up, mate
Or you'll be flame bait!

Paul Kile
Teal Blue GD2D1 889G formerly "The Rustbucket", now rising as "The Phoenix"
Paul Kile

Speaking of bridges going cheap, Paul, when in Fornicalia I heard that you Americans never finished paying us for London Bridge!

Paul Hunt

I have owned my 1973 BT V8 since 1973.

It is in almost pristine condition, only suffering a few paint chips at the front, and is regularly used in Historic and Classic rallies, as is my 36,000 mile MGA.

The V8 is a joy to drive, particularly since Jon Eales rebuilt the engine (220 bhp on SU's).

The A is also a delight.

Safety Fast in both.


Nigel Steward

The Zonies (Arizonans) who bought London Bridge thought they were getting Tower Bridge, so you can imagine their disappointment when it was re-assembled.
George B.

As most of you know, I have had a now much modified factory v8 since 1983. It now boasts 3.9 litres,
5 speeds, lsd, RV8 exh manifolds, Lumenition, 600 double pumper Holley and also has David Eales heads thanks to Dave Franklin. It only has a couple of thousand miles on it since the new 3.9 was fitted ,but last year we were seeing 215 - 220 hp at the wheels on Sigma engineerings rolling road. John Bourke and I - well mainly John, as I was busy working on the twincam Magnette, have been busy fitting a British Automotive Panhard rod, but with a John designed chassis/boot bracket which will operate in double instead of single shear. It is also in process of having a special dash and much uprated and modded electrics fitted - no progress on that this year, but I did an article for the V8 register a couple of years ago about the dash. I am about to get rid of the rubber bumpers and convert the front end to a Sebring style, the rear end getingt a pair of US spec quarter bumpers if I can find any.
This Summer, I have been driving my LHD V8 roadster (and yes we had a great Summer in Dorset) that I built in Florida over a period of about 5 years then shipped it home for my buddy Alan Lawson to paint. XRU has a very similar spec to MUF with a 390 double pumper Holley etc etc and gave around 200 at the wheels on Sigmas Rolling road in July after wed fitted a high pressure Facit fuel pump and regulator to give the necessary 7 lbs per sqinch needed by the Holley. A word of warning when assembling your oil pump. Do not use the thick green cover gasket! Get the much thinner brown one from V8 conversions, or, like me you may have low oil pressure. I am still not satisfied with the max oil pressure but having checked the housing and plunger for score marks I have given up for now. John suggested stripping the cover off again and causing the plunger to seat better with a sharp blow from a hammer and drift! I may try
to lap the bugger in with some valve grinding paste on the very end!
.....then there is the 16 valve, 2 litre, twincam 5 speed disc braked Magnette, but thats another story that will have to keep until the Z Register spread next Jan.
..... and our Peter Burgess modified Maestro 2 efi continues to delight me and shock sundry Volvo owners who dont like being overtaken on Salisbury plain.
robert pulleyblank

hello colin;
i,m a brit with a factory v8 {in bits} its just come back from the paintshop, and now its time to save all those pennys for the rebuild. or shall i sell as a un -finished project .
ian sowersby

London Bridge at lake Havazu, Paul been there, Not worth it.
Colin, we just like to improve the breed by adding more hp and creature comforts to our cars. After all that is what BL tried to do with the Buick V8, now known as the Rover.
VR/Bill G.

Bill Guzman

All this hipe and chatter about boring M.G.'s it;s been done time and time again.How about something new.I've been concidering dumping a 300 horse 3.5 in a dare I say it NISSAN 200 I know it's not British,but it's pretty and it's got enormous potential.Also it probably has been done but have you ever heard of it or maybe you have if so give some clues.By the way I'm getting 210 horse from a 3.5 in a Range Rover and that and more has been done to death as well!

P.S. I ripped the dash out of an MGB to fit into my rangie bet that pisses you of
and leather interior from a jag and a beamer

Why bother to comment then Jim?
robert pulleyblank

Bob, one can only presume because he's been there and done everything, so is bored and has nothing better to do. I suppose it would be cruel to suggest evening classes in spelling...
David Smith

David, I understood everything that Jim wrote. Err, no need to get personal, No one has perfect English as the Englishman, but we understand each other perfectly, or is it perfectlie, oh well you know what I mean, meen, I am sure you understand what I mean. I hope, hupe something like that.. :-)

Bill Guzman

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