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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Attn: German Speakers

The British V8 website has a HUGE gallery of MGB engine conversions. One of the most viewed cars on the site is a 4.0L Rover-powered '74 GT built by an outfit called Classic Wheels Berlin.

I'd like to update the page with a proper description of this unusual car. The problem is, the description I have was written in German. I could fool around with translating it, but I'd probably get something wrong.


Here's a link to the photos:

Here's a link to the description in German (pasted into Microsoft Word):

I'd be delighted if someone would translate the text and e-mail it back to me at webmaster at



could not open the link but have got the details from an information card received on the motor fair where the car was shown
Classic wheels Berlin stats details as follows:

...Rover V8 3.9 lire, 297 HP with 4 double draught carbs, Mallory double point dissy, ZF 5 speed gearbox with sports clutch, anti tramp bars, and limited slip diff, vented rotors in front, rims: Compomotiv light alloy 7 and 8 x 15, tyres: 215/65/15 by Yokohama, custom made dash, mini-bar, Playstation 2, DVD player with 7'' Kennwood monitor, amplifier and 6 speakers, wooden steering wheel and 220 KpH spedometer...

Performance: 1/4 mile within 12.2 seconds

Hope this helps a little


I'll forward it to my Dad.
Carl Floyd

that car was for sale last year on wasn't it? like 50,000 euro asking price??? it is very well done. jim
james madson

Curtis, is the V8 news letter interested in V6 B's? or is it only for V8's.
I use to have an add on the old news letter and never heard from you about my add for the new look of the new letter.
The reason I am asking is that we also cater to V8's with our brake kits, which several V8's have on them. We are also comming out with new products for the interest of the V6 and V8 B's.

Great idea, great work Curtis.

Looking forward to meet you in TN
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill,

I've been really slack about contacting you and the newsletters other traditional supporters. I apologize for that.

You're not being snubbed! I'm completely enthusiastic about V6's... and other engine conversions too, as long as they're not hatchet jobs. Last weekend I rode in a turbocharged 16-valve Nissan-powered MGB-GT that would open anyone's eyes... a rocket on wheels! We can all learn from each other. And, of course, the newsletter isn't just about engine conversions either. I think my philosophy is consistent with the previous editors. (My background might be a little more like Kurt's, in that I'm personally more familiar with MGB's and 215's.)

I'm looking forward to meeting the whole crowd in Tennessee! I haven't been to one of these meets since 1998, which is pretty lame. (I particularly need to talk to you, Bill, as I'm not completely happy with my Ford rear axle's brakes.)

Okay, back to the CLASSIC WHEELS BERLIN thread:

I've just updated the page to reflect Ralph's notes. Also, Ralph sent me to Classic Wheels Berlin's website, where I found they'd replaced some photos since my previous visit. I swiped 16 nifty little photos that show their paint process, and I've just uploaded them to

Carl, thanks for getting Dad involved. I know there's more good info in that file!

James, Yes. German eBay.

Does anyone else have info on this car? Or any other British sportscar engine conversion for that matter? Pass it along!


Hi Curtis,

My wife used to teach German (a long time ago in a land far away). I'll ask her to look at it & see if she can translate it. Sometimes it's difficult to translate technical stuff when you're not familiar with it, but I'll see if she can do it. Won't be for a week or two though because she's running a hospitality center at our cub scouts district day camp this week -- including feeding something like 400/day... she's wound so tight I wouldn't even bring this up till that's done!


My wife's a German native, born and reared in Berlin, but I guess you already got it translated.
Dan Masters Successful requirement: EUR 35,000, 00 (minimum price reached) Ends: 20.12.05 20:15: 00 MEZ Beginning of offer: 10.12.05 20:15: 00 MEZ Overview: 40 requirements (EUR 1.00 starting price) Buyer: mummel0_7 (411) Article location: Berlin Germany Dispatch after: Hand commodity over personally (regionally - no dispatch). Forwarding expenses: Only collection: Details find you in the description of article Description The salesman is responsible for the offer. Article characteristics - automobiles Manufacturer: Mg article condition: Used Model designation: MGB number of previous owners: 4 Type: Sports car/Coupé capacity: 4,000 cm3 Number of doors: 3 achievement: -- Odometer reading (km): 379 warranty: 0 months Date of the Erstzulassung: 01. 07. 1974 independent vehicle appraisal: -- Color: Green HU/OUTER ONE (expiration date): 12. 2007 Metal IC lacquer finish: Fuel: Gasoline Drive: Manual circuit European Union vehicle: Yes Equipment characteristics: Leather seats, light alloy wheels, radio, radio/CD, Top Soundsystem, Tuning, Zentralverriegelung of security characteristics: -- Right control/on the left of control: Link control Mg B GT V8 Sebring Replica, with each quantity of special features in the James bond style. The car has a three-way swivelling characteristic controllable of the glove subject, a video Beamer, which can be driven out electrically from the roof in the tail. Mobiles an autocinema for everywhere. DVD Player in the center console and a Playstation2 in the glove subject, which can be played over the Beamer likewise. In the rear is mini bar with Gläsern, PS2 board and various plays for the PS2 and DVD films. We built this cars in 6 weeks and invested approx. 1200 hours. Further pictures of the entire structure find you on our homepage: Technical data: The engine is out a 4 litre V8 rank Rover. The heads were polished optimized and. The channels were increased around ca.15% and co-ordinated with the RV8 Edelstahkrümmer as well as sucking in bridge perfectly. The cam shaft as well as hydraulic tappets (strengthened), feathers/springs, chain (binarily adjustable) pistons, camp, oil pump (strengthened) are new. 4 x 45er weber double carburetor fill the engine with fuel. The exhaust system is made of high-grade steel and has two independent exits to the rear. Aluminum V8 radiator with thermostat steered electrical exhaust. Mallory Doppelkontakt ignition, high speed Wasserpmumpe. On the test stand an achievement by 297PS and a torque were measured by 390 Nm. The maximum speed was with 237km/h. We measured the achievement on two different test stands, because we could not believe it with the first time. The transmission is a Fünf-Gang-Getriebe of ZF and was completely overhauled, strengthened clutch of Fichtel and Sachs, roles stored clutch release sleeve. The cardan shaft was particularly again manufactured and has strengthened universal joints The rear axle (Salisbury) was completely again stored, besides to have we a differential lock by MGOC inserted. The leaf springs are from racing and lower the chassis around 3,5 cm and are harder thereby. The shock absorbers are 32 subject adjustable. The front axle is completely again gebuchst with Poly sockets, the shock absorbers is hard “upgraded” and. The feathers/springs are from racing and lower the chassis around 3cm. The lower wishbones are longer and give to the vehicle negative Sturz.Die knuckle are completely new as well as all camps. The entire brake assembly is completely new. The brake disks are strengthened and ventilated and with large brake calipers equipped in front. All hydraulic parts are connected with Kunifer lines. The rims are of Compomotiv 7x15 in front and in the back 8x15 with 215/65 15 tyre of Yokohama. The interior equipment is completely new in leathers. The instrument panel was sketched and built by us. All instruments are new, as also the speedometer, which is scaled to 220km/h. Additionally there is a small pull-out table. 8 loudspeakers are integrated with 4x 180 Watts in the interior. DVD Player of Kennwood with large screen. Wood steering wheel of Moto Lita. The tank is a special production from aluminum. It has a LeMans tank quick-locking mechanism on each side and seizes approx. 70 litres. This vehicle was built for up the duel for the transmission Bizz motzt. This concerns show a Car. We built and/or completely restored it nevertheless with that highest measure of quality, for the time, which us for the order. It is absolutely everyday life suited and runs super. The mg has a mad fat sound and acceleration is brutal. We drove the 1/4 mile in Luckau on the Dragster distance into 12.2 seconds. The vehicle is sold with Tüv. There is a second hood with a scoop for the public traffic. We cannot take over guaranteeings for this vehicle, since it moves in an extreme capacity range, which is the far over standard. Otherwise we stand however for all cases gladly helping to the side. We have for over ten years experience with MGB V8 and are for 5 years actively in the historical engine haven with MGB´s on the way. If you any questions have stand we for you gladly by telephone under 030/8022207 available Much luck Classic Wheels Berlin ________________________________________________________________________ 429 Martin Street Longmont CO 80501

If you are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer, you can invoke translation of any page with a foreign (to english) language into english by getting on the page and right clicking it. Select "Translate Page Into English" and it will translate the current page into english for you.

Try this: the links (buttons) are not well done and only show the translated text if you are on one, so click on any of the buttons to get a page with german text on it. It will translate only the page you are on and not the links. so it is a little awkward, but it does work. I have yet to find a language it doesn't translate...

Richard Morris

"The car has a three-way swivelling characteristic controllable of the glove subject, a video Beamer, which can be driven out electrically from the roof in the tail. Mobiles an autocinema for everywhere. DVD Player in the center console and a Playstation2 in the glove subject, which can be played over the Beamer likewise. In the rear is mini bar with Gläsern, PS2 board and various plays for the PS2 and DVD films"


Okay, I just took a crack at translating from computer-English to human-English and I've uploaded my best attempt to the webpage ( ).

I chose to move sentences around and stuff. "Editorial privilege," I call it. Let me know if you (or your relatives) see any errors or omissions.

Thanks everyone!!!

sorry, but this automatic translation looks a bit stange, I think. It is German grammer with English words, as far as the database could translate it, seems to be programmed without any technical knowledge upon cars or mechanics.
Sure, fun to read it this way and for those of you wantang to understand some of the terms, here are some translations that might help to understand the automatic translation Bob Fisher posted:

Zentralverriegelung -/- automatic power locks
autocinema -/- drive in cinema
glove subject -/- glove box
Gläser -/- glaces
plays -/- games
rank Rover -/- Range Rover
Edelstahlkrümmer -/- stainless steel header
sucking in bridge -/- inlett manifold
Thermostatic steered electrical exhaust -/- thermostatical operated dual radiator vents
Doppelkontakt -/- dual points
Wasserpumpe -/- water pump
test stand -/- engine break
Fünf-Gang-Getriebe -/- five speed gearbox
roles stored -/- ballbearings
again stored -/- new bearings fitted
shock absorbers have 32 subject adjustable -/-
shocks can be set to 32 different positions (GAZ shocks)
again gebuchst -/- new poly bushes
negative Sturz -/- negative castor angle
transmission Bizz motzt -/- German TV magazine covering customized cars
runs super -/- performs extemely well
TÜV -/- German car legislation authority

... and don't be afraight of the grammer, it is o.k. this way (in German)...

Lovely, these automatically translation programs,
may be some new kind of lyrics to start with...



Per Ralph's translations, I've made several corrections...

but more excitingly...


Have a look! ( )


Incidentally, this is also a new addition to the website:
Do we have YOUR car photos yet? Send them in! We're closing in on 1000 jpeg photos.

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