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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Australian Rego of MGB V8s

Hey Guys,
I started this thread thought my engine angle thread was getting hijacked under the name of registrations problems in Australia, to the other guys in U.K. USA applogies for having a selfish subject. To answer the question that was raised on the other thread, I know of three MGB V8 conversions registored in NSW, as for QLD no idead.

2 are with Barrie Egerton (applogies if I spelt your name wrong Barrie). One GT rubber nose and one roadster (lucky duck has two, certainly unfair). Barrie frequents this page (that's how I met him) he might be able to shed some more light on our subject. He lives in Sydney and his roadster is gorgeous.

A U.K. imported roadster I met that guy when I was looking at buying a pre-converted car a last year. Apart from that I know of no other V8s that are registored.

I was not aware QLD was getting so stirct with their policy. Given the state of cars in South Australia I don't think half of the cars registored in that state would be legal in QLD! Anyway, how do you intend to registor your car or is it already registored?

Clem Spriggs
Clem Spriggs


There is at least a dozen "legally" registered V8's in SA
Mine is a 1964 roadtser
(you can view it a
my mechanic has one,he has 2 clients who have legally registered BV8 conversions,his brother has a factory GT and one of his clients has a Costello GT

If you ever come to adelaide ill show you some of the local v8's here Clemm



Steve Berno

Clem, as far as Qld goes, MGBs can be converted to Rover 3.5 litre V8s as they came out with this option (but must have full V8 running gear). I think you will find anything bigger is a no no. For example after the intro of the new legislation in 1990s that repaced the Motor Vehicle Safety Act the law states no car under 1100kg can be fitted with an engine greater than 3 times the original vehicle weight. If you drive a car on a Qld road it must comply with ALL Qld regulations no matter where it is registered. As I said at the start, use a Rover 3.5 in a MGB and your fine..try a Ford V8 and you are history big 3rd party insurance etc. Strangely enough, it was possible to get around this problem if you applied for approval at the moment when the 2 pieces of legislation were coming in/going out. That is how I got the approval for my MGA V8 project back in 1991. Since then the Qld Transport has advised others that no further such MGA V8 approvals will be issued. Also Qld bans items such as perspex windscreens even if fitted as factory originals like Healey 100S or MGA!. If coming to Qld you best contact Qld Transport on 3253 4851 (I know the number off by heart by now!)
mark mathiesen

Just a rhetorical question but I saw a 900Hp corvette (500ci chev + super charger + NOS) in a mag and every it was put full trottle down the drag strip it require a rebuild of the bod of the car due to the damage from the torque of the engine. How can that be legal and a MGB with a 308 be so unsafe????? F@#&ing communist bastards I say!!!

I'll be over in Adelide the week of 20 Feb 01 to see my parents I'll e-mail you my details.

Clem Spriggs
Clem Spriggs

Fellow Aussies,

It is a LONG term plan of mine to convert my 72 mgb roadster to a V8 when I retire in four or five years.

In the meantime I would like to commence sourcing an appropriate engine and would like to know which Australian Rover vehicles are fitted with a suitable v8 engine and generally what would I expect to pay in aus dollars.

I believe that the Range Rover and possibly some Land Rover models would have the 3.5 rover engine but I stand to be corrected.

Any other makes suitable as well?

Thanks for any advice forthcoming.


Firstly, thanks guys for all the good info, it is very much appreciated.
Secondly, Graham if you are looking for an engine you may be better off with an SDI engine. They had a higher compression ratio of 9.35:1 (vitesse 9.75:1)as opposed to the Range Rover at about 8.13:1. They are probably not all that expensive at 500 odd dollars or so.
Cream of the crop would be a 3.9 litre engine out of the Range Rover but they are around 3000 dollars plus for a good second hand unit.
The P76 had a 4.4 litre engine and they are similar externally to the 3.5 but they are a taller block by about 3/4" and you may have clearance problems with the bonnet, but I have seen one conversion that used one.
The 4.6 litre out of the late model Range Rover is also desireable but these are few and far between.

Hope this helps,

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