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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Auto Techniques, Luton

The archives mention a company called Auto Techniques in Luton. Do they still exist or have they changed their name? I can't find them in the phone book.

Thanks, David.
David Canning


The former Autotechiques site in luton was taken over by P.T.S formerly in St Albans, but where they are still trading as such I don't know.

Dave Brooke

Here you are, just a couple of minutes searching in google.

It lista P.T.S. but the link didn't work for me so they may not be trading anymore.

The other names on the list should help.

If you find out more please post some feedback.


Dave Brooke

Thanks Dave.

PTS motoring are listed under at the old Auto techniques address. I'll get in touch with them.

A note from the archives suggested that they could remove the choke horn from my holley. I've never had a choke on my V8 and had always thought that it was restricting airflow to the primaries particularly with the low air filters that most of us use. It wasn't until a trip to the rolling road that I found out just how restrictive my set-up is.

David Canning

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