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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - B V6

Hey all, I was wondering if there were any sites out there that describes a 60 degree V6 conversion into an MG? I am thinking about a small, built 2.8. What type of transmission do you run and how is the clutch set up? Hydraulic or slave cylinder with fork? Thanks
Jarrod Hills

try this site
andy heston

Jarrod: I've been driving my '72B w/Chevy 3.4 V6 and 5 speed for about 3.5 years now. I've really been enjoying the conversion. I had a guy in Md. do the work and against my wishes, he kept the Camaro slave cylinder and hooked it to the MGB master clutch cylinder. However, in retrospect, it turned out very well. The MG master went bad this Spring, so I had Glenn T. replace it and he decided to switch the slave to a new MG slave he had in stock. Works great. Everything fits, but, it looks like originally, some small adjustments had to be done with the Big Hammer.
I live in Delaware if you'd like to see the car. Just email me.
P.S. I'm running true duals exiting the drivers side with straight thru mufflers and get a lot of positive comments about the sound. Won't pass Delaware sound test though. With reinspection coming up next month, I'll have to buy some more steel wool.
Bob Fish

brian?? bill g??? heres a customer, Jarrod, come on over to the dark side and go v6, email me off line and i will tell you anything you want to know about mine, i also have a 3.4 and am on my 5th season of driving, v6 conversions are easier and more cost effective as you do not need the need a trailer to go with it, jim

Bob, what type of mufflers are you using? part number maybe? can you take a picture of it? do you have a crossover as well? jim
james madson

"you do not need the need a trailer to go with it, jim"
I'll assume that wasn't directed my way, I support the V6 movement. V8's aren't for everybody, and I had good reason to trailer my car to the last two meets which had nothing whatsoever to do with the engine choice. But I still think it an unwise comment coming from a member of a minority group as it does, and not likely to be well recieved unless made clear that it was a matter of poking fun and not at all serious, which is what I suspect. But you couldn't tell that from reading it.

Jim Blackwood

HERE WE GO AGAIN James please explain yourself and save ALOT of back lash. Ive read this comment from you before and I just don't get it.

jim b, i've never meet you but have seen lots of pictures of your car and think its great, i know i am a minority for now, but that may change some day. but for now i am just having a little fun with ya, jim
james madson

Jarrod, you can check our web page for more information, it will be updated next week. or you can e-mail if you have any questions.

We will be working on having a board like this one pretty soon.
Bill Guzman

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