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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Big Cooling Fan

Hi folks,

My 1978 MGBGT has an old Rover V8 and is using the MGBGT V8 radiator and the two, little 8" original electric cooling fans. I would like to update my cooling fans to more effective ones, as suggested by Roger Williams in the revised edition of his book ‘How to give your MGB V8 Power’. I want to use the biggest fan that I can.

Ideally, I’d like to use the 16” Kenlowe fan, but it’s a little too big and would overlap top and bottom of the radiator gills by about an inch (25mm). However, I suppose I could add a little bit of shrouding to reduce ‘leakage’.

The next size down Kenlowe is their 13” fan, an effective reduction of nearly 50% in area, which doesn’t seem the way to go.

I can’t find any 15” fans; does anybody have any good recommendations?

P L Hills

Peter, I have used a fan from a BMW on my midget V6 and now my MGA I6 project. The Midget uses an early B radiator, so the fan fits the available core size very well. I installed it as a pusher and haven't had any cooling problems at all even in +100F weather. A lot cheaper at the breakers than an new Kenlow and I think a lot better made. The fans are both Bosch units.
Bill Young

Hi Peter,
This site should have every fan you could dream of: Just do a search on "engine fan"
I'm using the stock electric fans backed up by a 13" flex fan on a MGBV8 water pump.
Cheap and it works well. Keeps the air moving at all times.
Kelly Combes

You may want to look at the Pacet Clovafan CF88 (Club range). The housing measures 368x357mm (ie 14") so fits the core section of the radiator exactly. This enables it to be fitted very close to (or touching) the core and hence get maximum efficiency. The blade is reversable so it can push or pull.

I agree with you about the larger fans. Unless a 15" or 16" fan is cowled into the radiator, you are likely to lose a fair bit of the additional cooling benefit of the extra fan size.
Pete Green

Hi Peter,

I used the AC fans of a Range Rover (dual 10" I beleive). they are very flat and have better blade design than the MGB originals. I also fabricated a shroud that directs ALL air through them without top or bottom air loss, works very well.
M Mallaby

M Mallaby, I'd really like to see a photo of those dual 10" Rover fans installed. Any chance you could e-mail one to me? My contact information is all here: THANKS!!!

You might think about having a 14inch fan on the top front right hand side and one on the back bottom lefthand side. Then use a two stage thermostat such as they have on the VW golf. This allows you to overlap on the radiator, so very good coverage, but the fan is not noisier (or drawing more power) than necessary. You also have some redundancy in event of failure. If/when my single fan fils I'll the aformentioned set up.
I'm currently using a 16 inch fan with a bit of old windscreen rubber around it to seal. It's certainy effective, but you do know when its going!

Curtis, My lump is out of the car right now for some "freshing". As soon as I get it back in I'll take some shots and send them.
M Mallaby

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