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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Bigger brakes?

Are there any easy solutions to putting bigger 4-pot brakes on a BV8 conversion, without modifying the M/C or anything else? I understand that the Princess calipers are decent but do require some clever rigging in order to bolt onto the hub assemblies. Does Wilwood, Brembo or some other after-market company make calipers that will fit? If so, would anyone know, offhand, the threading and bolt hole distance?

I just have the stock B front brakes at the moment, although I had the rotors drilled. But it's still not as much as I would like. I know the RV8 x-member has some serious brakes on it, but I am hesitant to install one as I cannot fathom where you could get replacement parts. (Also, I do not think that x-member will work on a chrome-bumpered car without increased ride height.)

I don't really mind spending some dough here as I intend to keep the car indefinitely.


Victoria British sells a complete kit with vented rotors, 4 pot calipers and pads. I don't have it so I can't comment specifically, but, it is available.

Mark Marchbanks

I used Wilwood Dynalite II calipers in front. I made 2 brackets in billet aluminum. No need to change the M/C
No more fading! Great stopping power.
I also converted to vented Porsche rotors in the front. They are a direct bolt on but you will have to live with the 5-lug bolt pattern from Porsche


Good to hear you will be keeping the car indefinately as that is also my intention. I also use Wilwoods up front. The problen I found was they chatter presumably because they have only one split pin - this can be remedied by using a spring. I also find the brakes squeal but I will change to EBC Greenstuff which should cure the problem.

Hi Tech Motorsport in the UK are testing bolt on replacements which should be available in about a month.


Why not try the new club pads before you start to put out serious money.

what are 'new club pads' ? care to elaborate please ?
David Smith

Hi Paul, - It's actually Hi Spec. Their telephone number is 01322 286850 and their Website is
As you say, their new alloy callipers are out in the next couple of weeks and they also recon. old units.

David - the club's 'green' pads - informal reports are good

Hi Marc,

Did you get a price and specification, also have you had chance to look at your axle.

Roger are you referring to EBC Greenstuff, if so they are very good but you may not notice a difference from another high performance pad apart from when they are cold. I will only be able to compare when I switch from Wilwoods as my midget was running on standard Halford pads.


Paul - that's them. I am not unhappy with Mintex either but they are made to the V8 spec - and they do need warming up

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