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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - bonnet louvres

Anyone have addresses of UK firms supplying suitable (from personal experience) bonnet louvres to aid cooling? Danny.
Danny Smith

Problem w/bonnet louvers = rain. Anybody know how they dealt with this on Jag E-types?


Try Andrew March @ Maidstone Sports Cars 01622 890233

Correction to foregoing - 'Try Andrew Marsh' - Sorry Andrew

Thanks for address Roger. Harry I'm sure that there must be some method of getting rid of/deflecting rain elswhere, (overhung top lip with a raised bottom lip?) anyway thanks for comment. Danny.
Danny Smith

Try looking at www.
5 per louvre upto 20 then 2 each.

Mark Rawlins

Mark, Thanks for info. After looking at web site mentioned, I wonder if the louvres would be sources of water ingress, unless they have some mod to prevent this. Like the look of their more subtle bonnet scoops though, to feed a lowrider cleaner. Danny.
Danny Smith

I too am going the way of the E Type louvre. I understand they have a stainless steel shield under the vents that stop water getting onto the engine
mark mathiesen

Look at the thread regarding the MGOC Super Sports B shell.

This uses a louvered bonnet, which I assume would fit an ordinary B shell.

Larry Embrey's posting in this thread which gives links to the MGOC articles on this project.

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward

Interseting link but have to be in the UK to take advantage of the louvre service. Fiberglass bulges ok but none appropriate to the MG. I suggested they consider making a bulge like the MGR. Who knows if they will but probably is a market for it.
Dick Porter
Richard Porter

My answer was to fit Escort Cosworth louvre assemblies. They work fine and are lipped on the inner edge so that rain doesnt get in. I dont know how much hot air gets out through them but at a standstill I can certainly see the hot oil fumes coming up through them from the K&N crankcase breather filters!
I also have RV8 exhaust manifolds so the holes in the wings are another path for airflow when on the move.
bob pulleyblank

Why not do as I did? I went to a local company that I found in Yellow Pages that specialised in sheet metal work and they put some very attractive 4" louvres in my bonnet, parallel to the outer edges. Again, at a standstill one can see the heat haze coming up through the louvres. I have had no problems with rain, or when washing the car, as the louvres are nowhere near the distributor. The spark plugs are shielded by the rocker covers, and when the engine is running, any water will be evaporated by the underbonnet heat. Style-wise I don't think the Escort Turbo louvres suit the B, but it's just my personal opinion.

David Daw

Do you ever see rain blown away from the louvers when driving? Has anyone ever tied string to the louvers to see which way the air flows when driving?
George Champion

It's been mentioned on this board that the forward 1/3 of the bonnet is a low pressure area and that just ahead of the wind screen is a high pressure area at speed.
George B.

George, that's why situating them toward the windscreen may be just perfect. I have yet to see a V8 with an overheating problem at higher speeds; it's just around town that is such a problem. So, by putting 'em back there, you would get cold air induction at speed (EXCELLENT in our case!) and you get rid of hot air at slow speeds.

Hi to all. I have 2 rows of 5" lowvers 11 @ row about a foot away from the windshield, at slow speeds it feels like a tornado coming out from inside the engine bay.

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