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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Brake Balance Valve

Any recommendations, and advice on ease of fitting and ajustments.

Thanks Paul

They sell a really sweet one at Pegasus Racing. Depending how good your plumbing skills are, you can put it right inside the car. Personally, mine are crummy, so if I were to install one I reckon I'd do so right in front of the MC at the line junctions. Just curious, why do you think one's necessary? ... did you put a different rear end on there, with different brakes?

I ordered my new master cylinder and power booster (7 inch)for my 4 wheel disk set up (rear Ford Explorer, not yet installed) from Master Power Brake http// They informed me (although they sell several proportioning valves, both ajustable and fixed)that I probably wouldn't need it as their dual rate master cylinder was designed to work without one. I'm a little leary of a rear brake lockup but will give it a try. I'll let you know how I make out.
Michael S. Domanowski


I have 4 Pot Wilwoods on front and SD1 drums on rear, and would prefer to tweak balance front and rear.


Summit Racing sells the Wilwood valve. Works great, and cheaper than Pegasus.

You can see mine in this old pic.
Brian Kraus

Paul, Wilwood should be easy to acquire in the UK.
If not go to a scrappy and find one for a Ford product or an Opel some of them have one with a screw adjustment.
This will require for you to do some testing until the correct adjustment is achieved.

Correct adjustment is when the front wheels lock-up first (Split second) or until all 4 wheels lock-up together (Border line)
I use a Tilton on my racecar due in part because it has a lever instead of a knob (a matter of preference)
If you are not racing your car, then once its adjusted there is not need to readjust.
Bias of brakes can be done in other ways; smaller rear wheel brake cylinders, rear brake adjustment (pedal travel is affected), smaller brakes, dual master cylinders with a balance bar, and different brake compounds.
What affects brake bias? Tire diameter, tire pressure, tire compound, weight distribution, and high usage of brakes (heat) there are other ways to control or that affects bias but these are the must common
Bill Guzman

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