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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Brake Booster Paint Question / Clean up

Had to replace my master cylinder due to a leak and thought I would clean up the booster while I have the master cylinder off. Looking for some Ideas for paint or cleaning. Was thinking about just painting it with dark silver.
Jim Miller

You can somewhat simulate the original "yellow chromate" finish of the servo by using a brass coloured aerosol paint - apply a thin coat only. Worked for me!
I also believe that Eastwood offers both a simulated cad plate and yellow chromate kit consisting of several steps of green/red/gold tints, but is a little pricey.
Graham Creswick

Jim! Graham beat me to the punch!. Eastwood has a great product. Good seeing you in Wheaton at the swap meet! rick
rick ingram

Graham, Rick: Thanks for the idea. I knew there was a way to go about this. I was thinking a dusting of gold paint might do the trick but was concerned that would be too bright. Your idea about using dusting brass colored paint should work. Thanks!

I have a friend that can send it out and have it chrome plated. Checking with him to see how long it will take to get it back.
Jim Miller

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