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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Brake Calipers/Shocks

I have several sets of stock MGB calipers and shocks that were good when removed from the car.
If anyone wants a set of calipers or shocks (fronts and some rears) you can have them free, just pay the shipping. You guys have the first choice. Next week I will call the local MGB club.
send an e-mail if you want a set. what ever is left it will taken to the trash.
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill....I'll take a set of each if you still have them, be nice to have a spare since I do have 3 B's presently. E-mail me to arange shipping or I'll pick up. Be a good reason to drive up and see you again.

Morgan Sellgren

Hi Bill,
I'll a pair of brake calipers and front and rear shocks for my 74
Saratoga (San Jose), California
Tony Bates

This thread was discussed between 30/01/2006 and 05/02/2006

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