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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Brake M/C Piston Link

I have a 1974 MGB with a Lockheed 3211/832C 04 Master brake cylinder.
The Piston Link (page 156 #9 in the MGB Haynes Manual) has failed. A friend of mine gave me a Lockheed 3211/832C 03 Master Brake cylinder in the hopes that I could take the piston link from the 03 M/C and place it into my original 04 M/C. But the link itself is slightly different and unfortunately the Secondary piston itself is .022 larger and will not go into my M/C.
I have been told that people are not reconditioning the cylinders any more so I am faced with buying a new cylinder which is about 300.00cdn. A lot of money for one piston link!
I was thinking this might be a good time to change to a different Master Brake cylinder. I would be looking for a bolt in type thing as I just got the Brake & Clutch master cylinder bracket chromed and certainly dont want to start drilling it out for a different bolt pattern.
So does anyone know where I could get a piston link?
Does any one know where I could purchase a reconditioned Master Brake Cylinder?
Does any one know of a different Master Brake Cylinder which works in a B with out too much modification?
Or do I just have to bite the bullet and buy new?


Don't you have auto-jumbles or swap meets over there?
Thata would be the best place to try.
Les Cole

I live in a small community on a peninsula, so no, we donít have Auto swap meets here. And Vancouver is a $36.00, 40 min ferry trip away.
I have a machinist looking at the piston link and he is going to silver solder it. A lot cheaper that 300.00 for a new M/C

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