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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Brake master cylinder info.

Last winter I fixed 11" cross drilled and grooved vented disc's to the front of my 4.00 V8. This winter I will be adding disc's to the rear. I now wish to use a larger MC but I am unable to find the bore specs of the brake master cylinder on a 1978 B.
I seem to recollect that the SD1 MC is larger, but in the states they are hard to find.
I have noticed that on some US V8's people have used a GM or Mopar MC. anyone know what type?
Mike Cook
mike cook

I believe its a 3/4" bore, 1.1" stroke, 2.25" between mounting holes. Try - They have a dual remote master cylinder that might work in a 7/8", and they're less expensive than a stock replacement. Let us know if it works?
Jeff Schlemmer

Mike,Ted Lathrop has found a 1" bore master from Wilwood he thinks will work.He asked me to fit one to my car for shake down.I should get it in a couple days.He said it was a new product for the street rod guys.I'll let you know how it fits up.Mike Moor
Mike Moor

Thanks for the info. I certainly would be interested in the Wilwood results. With 11" disc's on the front and 10" on the back , together with the larger caliper pistons I will definately need "moor" under my foot.
Thanks Mike
mike cook

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