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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Break Squeal - Old Topic

"May depend on pads - I've used Hawk in past and they were nightmare, However, changing to Greenstuff silence."

Anybody have a part number or source for the Greenstuff pads.

I just had the front btakes done. Had the discs turned and new lockhead pads put in. Disk Brake quiet was of no use. If I warm up the brakes and hit the pedal hard, the squeal will go away until the brakes cool back down.

Any help would be appreciated.


Bob Scott

Hi Bob. Moss Motors sell EBC green stuff pads. The EBC part number is DP2240. Moss caalogue shows them as 585-630 at a cost of $70.95 USD.
I had the same problem with brake squeal in my GTV8 and the Green Stuff pads immediately fixed the problem. I don't know what's in them, but it works - whatever it is! Regards, PaulB.
P D Bray

Greenstuff pads are on the way.


Bob Scott

Greenstuff have changed compound and at moment they are squealing, but old compound did not squeal. Hawk are a nightmare.

EBC also recommend ceramic redstuff an a V8, also used on track instead of yellow.


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