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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2003

Planning on being there? Just a reminder: get your reservations in early before the rooms are sold out.

Highland Manor Inn
Townsend, TN

Rates are $89.95 per night (Mention NAMGBR), and the convention runs from Thursday, May 1 to Saturday, May 3. You might want to arrive Wednesday so you can get in on ALL the fun - the fun starts EARLY Thursday morning!

For more details, see:

See you there!
Dan Masters

Dan! I made my reservation today (12/03). Talked with Sandy, who was one of the most pleasant reservation specialists I've ever done business with!!! I'll be arriving on Wednesday and departing on Sunday...Rick
rick ingram

Rick wrote:

"Talked with Sandy, who was one of the most pleasant reservation specialists I've ever done business with!!!"

Sandy is the one I've been coordinating with, and I agree, she is VERY pleasant. But we're all like that here in the south. Everyone needs to come on down and get a good taste of Southern Hospitality.
Dan Masters

Dan wrote: Sandy is the one I've been coordinating with, and I agree, she is VERY pleasant. But we're all like that here in the south.

Well, Dan.....that COULD be debatable! rick

rick ingram


I'm a yankee, so you can't judge the others by my behavior. Besides, I've only been here for 38 years, so I'm still adapting. Give me another 20 - 30 years, and I'll get the hang of it.

You-all come.
Dan Masters

That's "Y'all come" Dan. (Oh, and "Damned Yankee" IIRC ;-)
Jim Blackwood

Hi Dan,

Reservations made today. We'll be arriving late Wed PM.

See you there !

Pete Mantell

You haven't lived far enough south for the Yankee to rub off. I used to live in the Carolinas. They used to ask "Do y'all know the difference between a Yankee and a Southerner?" Answer: "The Yankee has an accent."
Dan, Have you lost your accent?
I am going now to call that most pleasant Southern lady and make a reservation.
Good Eve'nen, y'all!
James Johanski

Made my reservations today via the internet. Missed talking with Sandy but got a nice e-mail reply from her.

Checking out the web site, it appears she & her husband(?) are the hotel owners, so that might explain the amount of courtesy & attention, in addition to being "Southern". A little different than dealing with a $6.00 per hour clerk.

See you all there. The 5.2L Buick 300 may be running by then, but will probably not be painted, & may look a bit ugly, but so what!

Jim Stuart

Hi Guys!
The Christmas bonus from work is already int he bank to finance the trip to TN....can't wait! With Dave Michel's 5.2L, Jim Blackwood's blown Olds, Steve Carricks 302, Mike Domanowsi's stroked Olds 215 with nitrous all coming, ma poor ol'leetle bitty Olds 215 didn't want to go, it would feel like the skinny kid on the beach. Therefore, I am really trying to get another motor together. Mickey Thompson 3-3/4" stroker crank (289ci)(thank you Dan LaGrou!!), clearanced Olds block and 10:1 cr. Dale Spooner will be working on the heads shortly. Will very grudgingly have to give up the 2-2bbl carb set up I like so much, the manifold will not flow enough air, likewise I will have to spring for some 1-5/8" RV8 headers.
Sue advised me that we will not be rushing home after the meet, to many neat things to do in the area. We will be taking a couple of extra days to look around. I already bought some Dramamine for her, in case we do the Tail of the Dragon. (Seriously, I have been told by three people who have done the Dragon that the passengers have a tendency to get motion sickness.)
Really lookin' to see y'all (practicing Tennessee-ian)
Kurt Schley


My 32 year old brother finally decides to get married and what weekend does he pick? Yep. The wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks is on Sunday, but can he get married someplace convenient (like Atlanta, where he lives)? Noooooo. Try Captiva Island. Gonna cost me 3 grand to see him get hitched. So, no engine mods for me. I'll still be bringing up the rear on the straightaways.

I still plan to be there to see all of y'all and help Dan all I can, but I will have to bug out early. Bummer.

Kurt, we have some roads 'round these parts that I have made myself carsick while driving! :)

Carl, shoot your brother... McClain
Bob McClain

Although I hadn't yet committed to being at the 2003 British V8 event (but I so do want to be there) I guess you tipped the scales for me by letting the "cat out of the bag" so to speak, I will be there. I don't know that I've told many people yet about the stroker motor Dan built for me but it is in and will be fired up for the 1st time later this week, it will be a pleasure to show off Dan's handiwork and get to see all the other great MGB V8's.
Michael S. Domanowski

Hi Dan
Made reservations yesterday. Patty and I will be arriving Wednesday. I'll looking forward to all the new V8 project cars and y'all.

Al Wulf

I talked with Ken Costello last week...sent him info on the meet and tried to convince him to come across the pond to visit with us again...more later on that...BTW...Ken's birthday is January 6th...rick
rick ingram

OK, who'll be first? Plans are now finalized, and the registration form is available online.

See you there!
Dan Masters


What can the rest of us do to encourage Ken to come?
Dan Masters

Maybe we can all pitch in 20 bucks towards his trip cost and offer to pick up his bar tab while here? I think we owe him at least that!


Greetings....Ken Costello pretty much does things "spur of the moment" so to say...I'm going to attempt to call him over the Holiday...I'll keep you posted....When Ken was in St.Louis in 1993, he actually tried to "steal" my wife (Jean) and take her back to England with him (she's probably wishing that she did, now!) .. I again saw him in Washington, D.C. at MG '94 (he got "lost" from the caravan of MGs heading back to St.Louis ... showed up in St.Louis several days later...with the excuse that he "needed a cash machine" somewhere in Pennsylvania". Of course, his "keynote" speech at the UML Summer Party in '96 is historic....Later!

And, Happy Holidaze to you all!

rick ingram


I have it on good authority that Ken Costello will be in attendance at MG 2003 in June in St.Louis, MO. However....I have not verified this with Ken. Ken and I have been playing "phone tag" for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

rick ingram
1969 MGC
1978 MGB
1974.5 MGB/GT V8
rick ingram


Fishman ran into Robin the other day who said that Ken was coming to town for the convention. I'm hoping that I'll hear something soon. If you do talk to Ken, ask him to contact me and I'll arrange a hotel room, banquet tickets, and see covering a good portion of his food/drink costs while he's here.

Robert Rushing


I spoke in real time today with Ken. He is indeed planning on coming to St.Louis for MG 2003. He also expressed some interest in our V8 meet in Tennessee.

More later..

rick ingram

Great News Rick, thanks for the update.
Pete Mantell

I downloaded the V8 newsletter today, printed off the registration form, and will be mailing it off in the next week or so. Lookiong forward to a great time.

I can give "discounts" for those who need Dramamine or Transderm-Scop in preparation for the "Dragon"!

rick ingram

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