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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2003

A couple of items:

1. I guess I wasn't clear enough on the registration form, as several folks have questioned me on the $45 entry fee. One $45 entry fee covers you AND your guests. The entry fee gets you and your guests into the the meet and all events, and gets ONE lunch and ONE BBQ dinner. The only extra fees for your guests are the lunch, BBQ, and the dinner.

For example, if you come with your spouse, buy 2 t-shirts, lunch and BBQ for your spouse, and 2 dinner tickets, the total fee will be $140.

If you come with your 11 year old son, the same options would be $130, as the BBQ is free for under 12.

If you come with your wife and your 16 year old daughter, buy 3 t-shirts, lunch and BBQ for both, and 3 dinner tickets, the cost would be $196.

2. How much interest is there in an autocross? If enough people want it, I'll put it back in the event. Please let me know how you feel about it.
Dan Masters


"If you come with your 11 year old son, the same options would be $130, as the BBQ is free for under 12."

should read:

"If you come with your 11 year old son, the same options would be $114, as the BBQ is free and the dinner is only $8 for under 12."
Dan Masters

Dan, I think the autocross would be fun, as long as the schedule isn't too cramped. I't's been a long time since I've driven one and I for one would enjoy it. However, I'd have to say that running the Dragon would take precedence.

Jim Blackwood

Dan....Trooper that she is, Jean still refuses to go on the Dragon.....with me....any words of encouragement for her? rick
rick ingram

Come on Jean! You should ride the Dragon w/Rick. If you don't, I may have to ride shot-gun and Rick might grab my leg. LOL

Morgan Sellgren


Is her refusal to ride for fear of motion sickness or fear of an accident? If it's fear of motion sickness, I can only offer my sympathy (btdt), but if it's fear of an accident, there is a way out - just make sure you have a couple of "scapegoats" ahead of you. The only thing to worry about is some idiot coming around a corner in your lane, but if you have a few cars ahead of you, they can pick off the miscreants before they get to you.

In all seriousness, I recommend that we all approach this road as a scenic drive, not as a speed competition. Believe me, it is such a nice drive that even taken sedately it is a lot of fun. When I drove it the other day, I drove it in a small Toyota SUV (none of my LBCs are currently running), and I still had a ball. We will be driving this road early in the season, before most of the hot shots get here, and we will be driving it in the morning, before those few that are here get to it.

Now on the other hand, if she's afraid of YOUR driving.......well, she knows you better than the rest of us do! :)


The highpoints of the schedule, briefly, looks like this:

Thurs AM: ride to the top of the smokies
Thurs Afternoon: drive to Sweetwater to sail the Lost Sea.
Fri AM: Drive to Fontana village for lunch, via the Dragon
Fri afternoon: drive to Cade's Cove
Fri Evening: BBQ and Bluegrass
Sat AM: breakfast run
Sat afternoon: "show and tell"
Sat evening: Dinner

The autocross, if we have it, would be Friday afternoon, so you would miss the drive to Cade's cove if you did the autocross. We could possibly have it Thursday evening, but that would make for a looong day for those who wanted to participate in all the events.
Dan Masters

I scared the bejeebers out of Jean on the Blue Ridge Parkway last July during the MGC meet. (And I really wasn't going that fast!) She doesn't like the "big ditches" that sometimes appear on her side of the car!

rick ingram

So what exactly is Cades Cove again? I suspect it might be one of the events the wife would like. Sounds like your original idea may be the best, though I *would* enjoy knocking over a few cones. Oh well.
Jim Blackwood

Me again.
I think it might be a good idea between now and the meet to try and keep a thread up on this list with a link to the newsletter page giving info on the meet, and the registration. Folks on the Tiger list have begun to show an interest in the newsletter and I'm inviting them to 'come on down'. Suggested they submit a writeup for an article too. If it's good enough maybe it could even be a feature. I think it would be fun to have them along.

Jim Blackwood

Hey Dan,

I was just givin' ya a hard time about the autocross. :)

I know there are quite a few of us that do REALLY, REALLY enjoy the racing whether it's autocross, road course, drag racing, or even a combo like last year. Then there are those that either are afraid they may break their car a long ways from home or are just not interested in that part of the V8 Meet. In any case, it's probably not practical or feasable to expect to go racing at every annual British V8 Meet.

Looks like we have a very full schedule as it is and those that haven't ever experienced The Great Smoky Mountains need to take in all they can.

For those that have Spring allergies, it will be in full swing here. I will be loaded up on Clarinex, myself.


Cades Cove is one of the most popular areas of the GSM National Park
Carl Floyd

Hey guys
I've never been in that area of the smokies, I can't wait. Sounds like Dan has a great event planned !
Carl I think that we still can do some sensible tire smoking.

Steve....Rumour has it that our favourite "Merry Canadian from Wallaceburg" will be in attendance at the V8 meet this year! Look out...rick
rick ingram

<<Carl I think that we still can do some sensible tire smoking.
steve >

Oh yeah!

Nothing like roasting the tires, especially on someone elses car! :) :) :)
Carl Floyd


And just who is this "Merry Canadian from Wallaceburg" for the benefit of the rest of us?


"I think that we still can do some sensible tire smoking."

Trust me, you guys will get to do all the "spirited" driving you want. Little River Road is practically deserted after midnight, and the headlights of what few oncoming cars you may meet are visible for a long distance, bouncing off the trees and rock cliffs, so the road is yours! If you don't make too many trips to the cash bar at the Saturday dinner, and you hang around Gatlinburg sightseeing after the dinner, the trip back to the motel can be very interesting indeed. Or so I've been told. :)
Dan Masters

The "Merry Canadian" is my brother (at least in spirit)and fellow road rallye co-pilot, Drew Hastings of Wallaceburg, Ontario. He should be the co-driver with Graham Cheswick (sp?) of the same region...who has just finished his V8 conversion.

rick ingram


As a matter of fact, Drew and Graham have already registered.
Dan Masters

This note is to thank our Mr.Ingram for not mentioning being TOTALLY lost in Wisconsin, "SHORTCUTS" in Indiana, worse "SHORTCUTS" (requiring the use of a chain saw)in Michigan, near death experiences in Ohio (drafting Robin)and anything that might have happened in the parking lot at Twist's after 2:00am......

I am fortunate indeed to have been invited by Cres on his V8's inaugral run..... and to say the least, it is a beauty.... he has done a fantastic job.

This event sounds great, it will be super to meet everyone..... and keep the beer cold 'till we get there.

"The Merry Canadian"

Drew Hastings

Just a reminder - only about 6 weeks left to get your registration in.

You don't want to miss this one!
Dan Masters

Do NOT procrastinate! Send in that registration now!!!

I've only missed two V8 conventions...and regret having done so! There will be something for EVERYBODY!

And my V8 won;t even be ready yet...I'm STILL hyped!


rick ingram
1978 mgb
1969 mgc
1974.5 mgb/gt V8 conversion
rick ingram

Hey, Dan......I'm coming with my wife & a 4-cylinder MG as my V8 is still on my RV...what do I need to send you? I really just want to take loads of digital photos & drool over all ya'll's completed cars.....
anthony barnhill


A V8 is not necessary to attend - there will be several there in 4-cylinders, and a few even in "civilian" cars. If you want to participate in all the events, just send in the registraton form at:

"Show and Tell" on Saturday will be open to the public, so if you just want to look at the cars and talk to the owners, just come on down. Participation in the other events will require registration.

Reminder to everyone! Less than five weeks to the event - get that registration in now!
Dan Masters

dan, i could not download the form for registration. and i have some quesitons for you TN area members. i have not been to a v8 meet, many other mg events, i always insist on driving the car. well this time i cannot get the boss interested in 1000miles down and 1000miles back in 6 days in the mgb, i have thought about towing it with my truck and a trailer but iam contemplating shipping it it a transport, flying to say knoxville, getting a cab to the car and driving over to the event, maybe doing the reverse on the way back. or else drive her to the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks and drive the car back alone?, anyway, i know some truckers here and i am in no hurry, as i could send the car down a week or two ahead of schedule and have it picked a week or so after. any of you have a place to keep a car if i had it dropped off, i do not care if it sits outside, and also place to keep it for the return pick up. if some one is interested or able to help out i please let me know, can you check the link to the registration form or you could fax me one please, fax 612-788-1844, thanks, jim madson
jim m

You should be getting mine right about now. Plus the subscription for the newsletter, etc. I'm really looking forward to the meet. I've just been having a blast driving the car the last week or so and am very excited about seeing all the other cars and the good times with their owners and whoever else is there. The meets just keep getting better and it sounds like this will be a great one.

Oh, and I owe you a write up on what I know about axles. Hadn't forgotten, just been very busy. Should be able to get it out this evening.

Jim Blackwood

Jim M:

The registration form is a large pdf file, and they take a long time to download. While they are downloading, you get no indication that anything is happening. Try the link again, and wait a few minutes for it to download. If it still doesn't, let me know and I'll e-mail a copy to you. I just tried the link again, and it does work - just very slow.

I live 3 miles from the airport, so I'd be glad to store your car til you get here.

Jim B:

I got your check yesterday. However, you made an error in filling it out, and the bank won't cash it (a picky bunch, they are). Shall I send the check back to you or just tear it up and let you send a new one?

I also got your axle article, and I'll be going over it soon. Thanks!
Dan Masters

You're very welcome. Hope it passes muster. I took the other matter off line.

Jim Blackwood

The replacement check for the registration, etc. went out today.

The rest of you guys, get registered if you haven't done it yet.

Jim Blackwood

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