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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2005 - June 9-12 - Terre Haute, IN


If you have not yet made your hotel reservation for British V8 2005, do so ASAP as our ectension to the block of rooms at a guaranteed rate will expire on Monday, May 23rd!

If you have not yet mailed in your registration to this "Driving Event of 2005!", please do so ASAP. I cannot guarantee that I will receive your regitration from the USPS in time to have your t-shirt made and reserve your banquet meal (both included in the registration fee) if I receive it after Friday, June 3rd. I will be leaving for Terre Haute on Wednesday, June 8th.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Registration form and meet information can be found at: > newsletter > 2005 meet


rick ingram (Moe)
pete mantell (Larry)
dave kirkman (Curley Joe)
Your Three Stooge Coordinators of British V8 2005!

rick ingram

Only 22 days to go !

Pete Mantell

22 days? Oh my. I've almost finished the blower scoop, the relay base came in today, and I've got to make up a EFI harness and them program the controller. There went my spare time!

Jim Blackwood

21 Days now!!! I'm still waiting for shocks for my three link, headers to be coated, hang exhaust system, rewire back half of car, modify the roll bar, put the seats back in, put on a new top......WHERE DO I START??
Steve Carrick

Well..there has been a flurry of registrations over the past couple of days..those of you on the fence need to send in that check and call the hotel NOW!

See you for "The Driving Experience of 2005!" in Terre Haute, IN!

rick ingram

Registration is in the mail today. Luckily we booked the rooms last week. The clerk wasn't too sharp, said they were booked up and Edith booked a room across the street but I convinced her to call back and check again. Sure enough there was room so she had to cancel the other reservation. So don't take no for an answer.

Jim Blackwood

Steve, I am right up with you!Good luck.
I still have to get the new front end aligned.
Put more shakedown miles on the new motor.
Build and install traction bars.
Plus one or two more upgrades :)

See you all in 3 weeks for the
"The Driving Experience of 2005"

Pete Mantell


We will be running the dynometer on Thursday, June 9th!


rick ingram
rick ingram

Sue and I will be there without the MG. Comedy of problems trying to get an engine together. Cracked stroker crank, ARP main stud lousy instructions = warped block,hit a water jacket while porting a head, three out-of-spec new pistons, one twisted "rebuilt" con rod, etc. etc. etc. Yesterday I tore down ol' smokey, the engine I took out of the car, thinking I might do a quickie rebuild. WRONG! A cracked ring on every piston (might have had something to do with the backfire, eh?)ravaged cam bearings, broken oil pump shaft, about .020" clearance around all sides of the pistons, 3/4" play in the timing chain, etc. etc. Guess 12 years of beating on it was a little much.
Anyway, we will be coming in on Thursday instead of Wednesday. I can (barely) tolerate being without the car for everything but the road racing, so will not be there to watch you guys having so much fun at the track. (Wonder how a '04 Cavalier would perform......nah!) Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Kurt Schley

That weekend is the same weekend as my younger sister's High School Graduation. Her graduating is a miracle in and of itself so I can't miss this.

Sorry guys!


Don't feel too bad, I'll be there in a Toyota RAV4 - oh, the shame!

But I do have an excuse - My grandson and I will be including this event as part of our annual vacation together, so we needed the space. We'll be heading up to Canada after the show.

Both of us are looking forward to the v8 meet. We've had our registration in since January.

btw, Planning is well under way for the 2006 meet here in TN. I've got a real good event planned, so mark your calendars now!
Dan Masters

Oh, if you're going to mark your calendars, I guess you'll need to know the dates. June 18 - 21, 2006, here in Townsend, just before MG 2006 in Gatlinburg, June 22 - 25.
Dan Masters

Well....your "three stooge" coordinators for British V8 2005 made a final site visit to Terre Haute on Sunday.

We have nearly 40 registrations received...and I know from room reservations made that there are a few of you out there who have yet to send in your event registration! GET THEM IN THIS WEEK so that we can process it and have your regalia and banquet reserved!

Had lunch at Mogger's....and I know that this venue will please most of you should you decide to check out their's in an old brewery house...and has a vast selection of beers and ales...and a great menu to boot!

Autocross will be designed this week for your enjoyment on Thursday at the Terre Haute airport using airport transfers sevenoaks.

The staff at Putnam Park is looking forward to our visit...and that is also where we will have the dynometer on Friday...for a small charge you will be able to get your car on this machine!

The Wabash Valley Drag Strip was rocking on Saturday as well...and we'll be having our own bracket racing on Saturday of the event.

Frank Kleptz is eagerly waiting your arrival at his amazing collection of cars, bicycles, and automobilia on Saturday afternoon...and the Holiday Inn's menu for the banquet (with featured guest Ken Costello) looks very pleasing!

See you in 2-1/2 weeks!


rick ingram (Moe)
pete Mantell (Larry)
dave kirkman (Curly Joe)

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