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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2006 - the jinx continues

Well, it looks like the jinx continues. If you remember, just before the 2003 event I fell out of a tree and bunged myself up pretty good. The meet went on, and I attended, but I was not able to fully participate as I would have liked to.

So, for 2006 what do I do? I wind up with a precancerous polyp on my colon that required a piece of my colon to be removed to get rid of it before it turned into real cancer. I'm out of the hospital now, recovering a bit slower than I did when I was younger. I should be back in order in plenty of time to enjoy the show though.

Things are going well for the show, and I expect we'll have a realy great turnout this year. I have 42 entries so far, which, along with guests, adds up to 67 people coming. I expect a lot more before registration ends.

If you haven't registered yet, please do. The sooner I see income exceed expenses, the happier I'll be.

Here's who's coming so far:

Schley, Kurt Madison, Ohio
Williams, Roger St Sulpice Les Feulles, France
Masters, Dan Alcoa, Tennessee
Pender, Ian Punta Gorda, Florida
Robinson, Barrie Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Doyle, Denny Pleasant Hall, Pennsylvania
Price, Gil Constable, New York
Stuart, Jim Montgomery Village, Maryland
Stevenson, Kelly Fayetteville, Tennessee
Schils, Paul Fredonia, Wisconsin
Creswick, Graham Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Renaud, Jack Dearborn, Michigan
Maloney, Mike Tipp City, Ohio
Moor, Richard Angola, Indiana
Smith, Peter Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
Carrick, Steve Wyoming, Michigan
Leichti, Harvey Painesville, Ohio
Burstyn, David Essex, Ontario, Canada
Bierman, Ken St.Louis, Missouri
DeGroat, Stephen Lugoff, South Carolina
Mangles, John St. Charles, Missouri
Ossinger, Phil Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Guzman, Bill Camarillo, California
Knaut, Andy Grand Rapids, Michigan
Wulf, Al Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Posey, Bernie Elyria, Ohio
Spooner, Dale Blairs, Virginia
Howell, Jeff Hoover, Alabama
Mantell, Pete Sidney, Illinois
Cooper, George Breezy Pines, CT
Moor, Mike Angola, Indiana
Kirkman, Dave Terre Haute, Indiana
Wyckoff, Bruce Zeeland, Michigan
Dempsey, Pat Orlando, Florida
Fisher, James Grove City, Ohio
Milner, Robert Manteca, California
Cole, Eddie Walton, Kentucky
Cole, Jim Medford, Oregon
Fulton, Max Durham, North Carolina
Hirst, John N. Jackson, Ohio
Lathrop, Ted Waylon, Michigan
Coleman, Brian Houston, Texas
Dan Masters

Hi, Dan, I sure hope you're up and about for the meet
and in better shape this time. I wish you a speedy recovery and a good balance sheet!
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

Ditto...this is NOT a's more of a tradition...but I certainly hope the tradition stops this year!

My registration will go into the mail on Monday...

rick ingram

Rick, you should be ashamed of yourself, waiting this late to register! You *know* you will have to go to the alternate hotel don't you?

Jim Blackwood

Nah, Jim...I've had my reservation at the Tally-Ho since last fall! I've simply had too much on the table lately to get much of anything completed in a fashionable manner.

I'll be arriving in Townsend on Sunday, but I have to depart for Gatlinburg on Tuesday morning.

Looking forward to another GREAT gathering!

rick ingram

Dan, sure sorry you had to go under the knife...but the real good news here is 'they got it"...thats the most important thing...hope you heal up quick buddy!
See you all in Townsend!
Mike Maloney

Well, looks like you got me there. Now where is that other hotel again?.....
Jim Blackwood

Glad that you are doing OK Dan. Wish you a speedy recovery. Please stay homne and do not do anything that may cause a JINX.

My wife desided to travel with me to TN.
Bill Guzman

Hoping for a speedy recovery....
Get well soon
C U all in TN
Pete Mantell

Glad you are on the mend, Dan. This ought to keep ya out of the trees, anyway. ;)
Carl Floyd

I ran a compression test on my motor on Sunday (for fun?) and was getting 110 on each cylinder except one that was ready 85 (yikes!) so I yanked the head and can't find anything visibly wrong! The motor's already half apart, so I guess it's time to replace it with th 4.2 in my garage!

Maybe I'll make it?


Glad to hear that you will be well enough to enjoy the show. Make sure you don't over do it. Delegate, delegate, delegate.
I'm coming in on the Sunday sometime, and will happily help tote and barge if you need it.

My check is in the mail and it looks like there is space at the Comfort Inn down the street from the TallyHo. Hopefully it's within staggering distance.

Unfortunately I'm having to fly in. Anyone got a passenger seat going free?

I promise to keep my hands to myself. I don't scream when scared, just whimper and gibber a bit, so would be a good companion on the Tail.

Kelvin Dodd
KJ Dodd

Assuming I get my wiring done in time I'll be happy to give you a "tour", just try to keep the whimpering down a bit, I shift by ear in the twisties. Be a good chance for you to see what a blower will do on a V8.

Jim Blackwood


Be a good chance for you to see what a blower will do on a V8.


Jim, Jim, Jim....

Quite a questionalble choice of verbiage!


rick ingram

Rick, you're a scary man. :-P !!

Jim Blackwood


I will be in the area on Friday before the show (comming from Atlanta), So, let me know what I can do for you.
Steve Carrick

I have an extra seat, but you must get dr's permission,
I hope your heart is up to it :)))

Steve Carrick


Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

either that or...

Get in - strap up - shut up - and enjoy the ride.

:-) rick
rick ingram

The ONLY way I ride in Barney is I get the steering wheel! YEEHAAAWW!!!
Carl Floyd

Carl, I'd just about bet Steve'd let you do that too. And YeeHaw is right, Barney's a fast car. Smooth too.

Jim Blackwood

You're right, Jim, Steve's a great guy. I have driven Barney 5-6 times over the years. Even took Barney for a spin on the autocross (fastest time of the day, thank you very much). Barney's a real beast, a very dangerous machine in the wrong hands. So what was Steve thinking letting me drive it?!! :)

Actually, Jim, I think your thrill ride is about the only one I haven't driven, yet. ;)
Carl Floyd

We can remedy that, Carl. Actually nobody else has asked to drive it yet. Ted wanted a ride last time at Townsend but declined to drive, and I took Dan LaGrou for a ride, but of course it wasn't running last year due to the efi mods in progress and then I decided to rewire the whole car.

I suspect that Mike D's car would be an extremely fast one. And then there's that yellow one with the SBC, whose car was that? Can't remember.

Anyway, I'll try to have the bugs worked out by then so there won't be too many distractions.

Jim Blackwood


The only whimpering you will hear is "why isn't my car done yet?"

get the wiring done!

KJ Dodd

Picked up my block from the machine shop today! I just may make it!


Thanks, can't wait!

Yeah, there's a few others I haven't tried out. Would have loved to take Richard's Chevy powered Healey for a spin. Les offered to let me take his 351 TR6 out on the track at Putnam Park. I declined. Didn't want to mar my reputation by driving it thru the grass. :)


You & Rick Ingram can sing it in harmony!
Carl Floyd

My son Matthew says sometimes through the grass is the fastest way. Wait, that's Grand Turismo-4 I think, probably doesn't apply to Putnam Park.

Kick it in gear Justin! Time's a wastin'! (Me, I'm on hold for more wire til next week sometime, hopefully early.)

Jim Blackwood

Crank is still at the shop, and pistons need machining (1 days worth of work) so I'm HOPING to be putting it together by the end of next week. I'm driving to Cedar Point (amusement park in Ohio with 16 roller coasters!) on June 4th as my "work out the bugs" trip before venturing further.

Thankfully I can reuse all my ancillaries and exhaust, so I really only have to yank the old block, and put all my stuff on the new one. =)

Justin...ride only the front car or the back car of any roller coaster. Do back-to-back rides, alternating the above choice. Then do a third with your favourite car....then it's off to the next one!

Have phun!

rick ingram

"My son Matthew says sometimes through the grass is the fastest way."

Tell him he is correct.

I watched Dale Earnhart drive thru the gravel to skip a turn and pass a car that was holding him up at Sears Point. I belted out "Damn, that looks like something I would do!"
Carl Floyd

Those people who dirve through dirt and grass, we call them farmer Johns.

Is this you Kelvin saying: The only whimpering you will hear is me "why isn't my car done yet?"

See you there.
Bill Guzman

"Is this you Kelvin saying: The only whimpering you will hear is me "why isn't my car done yet?"

And Rick Ingram, & come to think of it Jack Renaud's LE. Done? Who is ever done?! I don't think there is really a world where we are done. Ask Justin ')
Carl Floyd

Hey, Carl, Amen! ! !
John Renaud

You are so right Carl, no one is ever completly done, but,BIG but (one T only Carl!) Some can drive their cars to places.

Jack,is Amen = DONE?
Bill Guzman

Hi, Bill, Not even close. Im working on the 1980 3.5L at
the moment. I'll see you all soon in TN ! ! !
John Renaud

Hi Guys,
The new engine(266" Olds)comes out of the basement tonight. There were several delays, as the guy at the machine shop is a crusty ol' character who forgets when he promised delivery and if you give him the slightest arguement your parts go back to the end of the line. (Does nice work though and very reasonably.)
Another delay has been that Dan LaGrou just sent me a prototype cooling system for evaluation and trial runs. The water pump inlet is on the drivers side and has no accomodation for a mechanical fan. If your radiator lower connection is on the drivers side, this radically shortens the required hose plumbing. Aluminum radiator with integral electric fan and aluminum shroud. Gorgeous!!!
Now just have to get the engine installed, the cooling system finalized and an exhaust system built. I am going to wimp out though and trailer the MG to Tennessee. Too many new parts, not enough time to do much testing and I will have Sue with me. Don't mind stranding myself, but would feel guilty making her walk back to Ohio!
Kurt Schley

Sounds really good Kurt, can't wait to see how it looks (and runs).

Jim Blackwood

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