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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2007 - Agenda Item

To all who are planning to attend the 2007 meet,

Atlast years meet, Kurt asked for a volunteer for "tech sessions", so I volunteered. After observing over the years how all of you share your knowledge of cars, I thought that it would be informative to have a tech session on digital photography. This could help all of us, men and women, take better pictures of all the fun things that this group does.

Learning from others is one of the best ways to get good tips on digital cameras, picture taking, downloading, enhancements and permanent storage of photos.

I would like you to bring your cameras and thoughts on why you chose that model.

Please bring along your favorite photos, not only pictures of your car, but anything that you think will help all of us learn.

This session will be for anyone interested, men, women, children, experienced picture takers, or just people who want to learn the fun of digital imaging.

Hope to see you all Thursday, August 2, at 4:00 PM.

Have a SAFE trip,

Mary Schils
Paul Schils

I'm really looking forward to this tech session!


Mary wrote: "Please bring along your favorite photos, not only pictures of your car, but anything that you think will help all of us learn."

While you're thinking about that... please think about sharing your photos in the British V8 photo contest!!!

Here's a link to the contest announcement and rules:

(The "rules" should be taken with a grain of salt, because the judges will be looking for creativity first. Start by ignoring the entry "deadline"... there's still time.)

I just uploaded a more complete event schedule:

We may have a bit of a mix up on the tech session. Kurt asked me to do a session on A/C and I replied that it had been done and that a session on fuel injection might be more worth while, and I would be glad to do that.

What with hospital sessions by Kurt, I never heard any more about the tech session, and assumed that fuel injection would be acceptable. Hope this will be O.K.

We can discuss A/C as well, but I think there are some new approaches out there that may be much better than mine.
Jim Stuart

Jim, I'll update the schedule. I can't speak for anyone else - but personally I'm very curious and happy to hear all about your experiences with installing EFI. Something new and different! I bet you'll do a great job.


Everyone, here's a link to coverage of Jim's excellent A/C tech session from last year:


For anyone who isn't aware, the Meet tech sessions tend to be heavy on audience interaction. Bring your questions!



Patty and I are looking forward to your tech session and I'll bring some pictures of my dual exhaust system taken while the car was on my two post lift. The pictures Paul e-mailed of the exhaust system on your GT really helped. Thank you.


I'm also looking forward to learning more about EFI. Not sure that Patty is though. Also, I just recently bought a 64 Buick 300 with aluminum heads and 4BBL manifold.

See you there.

Al Wulf

Hey Al, Looking forward to seeing you again!
Carl Floyd

I was in Sidney saw your panhard rod today, Al!

rick ingram

Rick and everyone,

Looking forward to seeing everyone again and also the Panhard bar.

Al Wiulf

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