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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 2007 'Tentative' Agenda

Hi Guys,

Spoke to Kurt, he sent me the tentative agenda for the V8 meet:

Wednesday Aug 1st.
1 pm Onwards Registration


8am - 4pm Nelson Ledges Track Day
Driving will be split into 20 minute sessions with breaks for drivers and staff in between.
A concession stand will be available serving food and drinks.
On track during the day will be a 79 Lola T440, some WRX's and possibly the Khumo Tire exhibition team. They may bring Miata's for drivers to try out.
Plus any other cars people want to bring and try out !! It's only $75 for the whole day !!

All Day Registration.

4pm Tech Session Digital photography

7pm Parking Lot Party !


9am Autocross

2pm Tech Session Front Suspension

3pm Tech Session 302 Conversion Stuff

4pm Tech Session Powder Coating

5pm Caravan to Winery for Supper

8pm Parking Lot Party !


10am Tech Session Air conditioning

11am Car Weighing

1pm Valve Cover Races

3pm Tech Session Rear Ends

4pm Tech Session Electrical Systems and Wiring

5pm Sue and Kurts wedding using wedding cars sevenoaks followed by Meet banquet

7pm Parking Lot Party !!

This is the tentative agenda and always subject to change.

Cheers & See you all there !!

P Mantell


5pm Sue and Kurt's Wedding followed by Meet banquet

7pm Parking Lot Party !!

Advance kudos to Sue and Kurt. This has been looooooooooooooooong overdue!

rick & jean
rick ingram

"Sue and Kurt's Wedding followed by Meet banquet"

The wedding is at the V8 Meet?! AWESOME!!
Carl Floyd

Kurt & Sue, Congrats on the surprise agenda. Does this mean that I have to pack the tux?
Graham Creswick

How far is the track from the motel?
Do we have to leave at O dark 30 to get there at 8?



Track is about an hour away. We'll leave at around 8am and another group around 8:30am. Track opens at 9:30am.

Pete Mantell

Mr Mantell, I will not be attending this years event. Who should I contact to donate something for the auction (if you are having one) and my registration, then you can send my package to Ca. if possible.

I would also like to purchase a hat and T shirt.
I do not have Kurts address etc...
You can e-mail the info if you like.

Bill Guzman

Is there an agenda for the wives? Edith would like to know.

Jim Blackwood

Bummer, Big Guy! I was looking forward to you being there, Bill.

Here's some contact info for ya:
Carl Floyd

Hi Bill,

I believe we are having an auction after the banquet on Saturday evening. Contact address and email is on the link above provided by Carl.
(Many congrats BTW on your Classic Motorsports Article !)

Hi Jim,

I have not heard anything yet for the ladies, but will post as soon as I hear from Kurt.


Pete Mantell

A few items concerning the V8 meet:

Banquet: unfortunately, the motel does not offer a children's price for the buffet. Kids will cost the same as adults. Fortunately, there is a Burger King close by.

Thursday's parking lot party: Ted Lathrop (Fast Cars) and I (Advance Auto Wire), will be providing pizza and beer for everybody.

Bill: Send the items to Kurt. I'll de leaving home on the 24th with Christa and Nico for a vacation in Maine, so I won't have room to carry much stuff. I'll send you Kurt's mailing address later today. Thanks for your support!
Dan Masters

"Fortunately, there is a Burger King close by." Unfortunately, the kid won't be able to run off to the BK while we're in the banquet. Those with children will understand the uncomfortable position that results, especially those with 2 or 3. Wasteful or cheap, those are your options if you want to be there. Well of course we all want to be there, it's bound to be quite a highlight. And I understand that MG's have 2 seats, but this does nothing to attract membership among people with children. They have LBC's too you know. (Not griping at you Dan, I'm sure it was an oversight.) But if there was a children's price, that would solve the delimma very comfortably. For a group this large I simply cannot understand why the caterer would refuse.

Jim Blackwood

i agree with you 110% on that point jim, have seen this too many times and almost always with MG events, all the mini events my family and i have attended have had kids menus as well as planned chaperoned events for kids up thru 16 years old. i wrote at least 4 emails last summer to bluesky, the company that administered MG2006, and they never even bothered to reply to me. with wife and 3 kids i had to pay $35 each for banquet tickets, as well as newcomers barby and MGA register event. i personally have never seen an 8 year that could eat $35 worth of buffet. now i know this is not Dan's fault but this is a very sore issue with me and these events. my advice is similar to what i plan if i attend, buy a ticket for you and the wife and 1 extra. let the kids share. fwiw. jim
james madson


I will take Matthew's Burger King order, go get it, & carry it in. It won't be a problem.
Carl Floyd

Dan Masters had nothing to do with the banquet arrangements, I took care of them. The banquet facility simply does not offer discounts for children and I am truly sorry that creates a burden for some.However, in the overall job of finding a suitable hotel and banquet facilities for a meet, making sure there are discounted meaks for children is frankly not one of one of the criteria.
Kurt Schley

I opened my E-mail ten minutes after posting the above message. The first two messages were from persons complaining about the tech session agenda. Both said so and so could do a great tech session and the sessions were too similar to last years. These two messages in addition to two similar others over the last couple of weeks. My reply to this is:
1) The people doing tech sessions were the only ones who volunteered, and I sure appreciate them.
2) The persons suggested as great tech session givers are not even coming to the meet nor ever did.
Arranging these meets has to be a series of compromises, using the resources which are available, working with limited time and budget and there will always be some shortcomings.Yes, they can certainly be improved. I would suggest, as I have many times in the past, that if someone feels the meets are inadequate then they are VERY WELCOME to sponsor a meet. Then the quality of future meets will only benefit.
Kurt Schley

Yeah, I guess I was getting too wound up in being "correct" about doing things. Don't worry Kurt, we'll figure it out. If anyone doesn't approve of the "how" I just can't help them with that. None of this is important enough to get stressed about. Edith does that enough for all of us.

I could do a tech session on building a tilt front end if you like. It'd be a mini session I'm afraid, not much interest and not much to discuss. But I'd do it.

Jim Blackwood

i have to jump in again and agree with jim's b's words on this also kurt. i had an opinion and shared it. nothing more, this single point would not determine attendance at an event for me. for the record having been on many boards and volunteer organizations over the years i appreciate the effort you are putting forth with this. i do not have the automotive tecnical background to offer anyone here a tech session however if you were remodeling your home that would be a different story. jim
james madson

I thought I remember some discussion of having a Dunlop Tire rep at the V8 meet - is this still in the plan and can we expect some sort of tech session?
Graham Creswick

Further to Graham's comment, what other commercial vendors will be present. Just need to know how much extra cash I will need to bring.
Keep up the good work Kurt, people are too critical. This will be my fifth event and I still get something out of the tech sessions, even it they are a repeat.
Richard Woodley
Richard Woodley

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