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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - British V8 June 9-12, 2005

Yo chaps!

Just returned from a site visit of Terre Haute, Indiana where the 2005 British V8 meet will be held. Contracts have been received for Putnam Park Road Course; and agreement has been made with the local airport using airport transfers sevenoaks for an autocross, and with the Wabash Valley Drag Strip for British Bracket Racing..Added this morning was a visit to Frank Kleptz' Antique Auto Museum...a private collection of unbelievable description!

So...keep June 9-12 of 2005 clear on your calendar in order to attend this fantastic Driving Experience of 2005!

rick ingram

I've already booked my lieu days from work!! .....started building my new engine......and I'm counting down the days.

Martyn Harvey

In anticipation of some spirited competition at the Wabash Valley drags (especially from the likes of Jim Blackwood, Jim Stuart and Steve Carrick), my Ford 302 was shoe-horned into the engine bay last night.....looks right at home and the clearances are probably no worse than the Olds.
Really looking forward to completing the installation over the Winter and heading over to Indiana next June....these British V8 conventions just get better and better.
Graham Creswick

But Rick- are we going to have any fun at the convention? What about shopping trips & craft shows?

Seriously, it sounds like you have done a lot of prep work & this could be the performance event of the century. Looks like I will have to leave the Track-Loc center section in place 'till after the drag races.
Jim Stuart

Funny Jim!!! Sign me up I'll be there

Steve Carrick


There is now some information posted about British V8 2005 on Click on the Newsletter link, then click on the 2005 button.

We will have a registration form soon!

rick ingram

Road racing, autocross, drag racing?!

Will drive for food & beer. ;)
Carl Floyd

Ah, Come on Carl! I thought you would be at least a LITTLE bit excited about this triple-series of driving events! ;-)

Tust us on this one...the 2005 British V8 meet will be: THE Driving Experience of 2005!

Pete "Larry" Mantell

Rick "Moe" Ingram

Dave "Curly Joe" Kirkman

The Three Stooge Coordinators for V8 2005!
rick ingram


Don't pay any attention to what Carl wrote - we all know he'd do without food and beer for a chance to drive.

Well, maybe not the beer.

I'll be there! Sounds like a great event.
Dan Masters

It sounds more like the PEP Boys. Is Dan M "Carl Max"?



How's that, Rick?

Yeah, I'm excited. It's gonna be a blast! Why wait 'til June? :) I'll be knee deep in baseball by then, coaching T-ball & Minor league simultaneously. I may have to forego the head coach position for a lowly assistant job so I can bug out for a few days.

Now if I could just find time to upgrade my car to keep up with the rest of you horsepower junkies. ;)
Carl Floyd

"Git 'er done!" Carl!!!!!!
rick ingram

This is starting to sound like the V8 Meet to which all future meets will have trouble living up to! I have finally actually started work on the Olds stroker motor (289")which will be in the car for the meet. probably will not have quite enough horses to keep up with you 302 guys, but I will be in your rearview mirrors. Still having trouble finding someone to make a roller cam. A company in New Zealand, Tighe Cams has offer to make one at a fairly reasonable price. Anyone have any experience with them?
Kurt Schley

Carl Sounds like you need a blue oval in you future! Come over to the dark side.
Steve Carrick

When you V8 guys are finished with your 2005 meet point your cars northwest and come on up to Olympia Washington for NAMGBR 2005.
Jim Lema

Jim...I will be in Olympia with one of my MGs! rick
rick ingram

Jim what month in 05 and where. Could you send particulars on the event. thanks
Bill Guzman

Rick, Lets hope that your V8 will be done by then, I don't think your C will keep up with me heading west!

:) steve :)
Steve Carrick


rick ingram

"Carl Sounds like you need a blue oval in you future! Come over to the dark side."


Didn't you mean to say "the bright side"?
Dan Masters

Yes we need to have a big showing up here for 2005!!
Larry Embrey

did i hear DARK SIDE?? is there a blue oval v6 in store for carl??
james madson


Not into V6s. As much as I enjoy driving Barney, having owned my '68 Camaro for over 23 years, I still have a bit of problem with that Blue Oval thingie. :) Besides, switching to Ford power would pretty much mean starting over. I'll have to be content with a warmed over 3.9. That way I can reuse the most parts.

It's gonna kill me watching everyone fly by down the straightaways, though. :(
Carl Floyd

Carl - Push harder w/right foot! :):)
James - No comment :)

Steve Carrick

As you all realize, these meets are NOT just for V8 conversions...but for all who are interested in more it upgrades of the stock four-banger, a V6 conversion, a BOPR conversion, a Blue Oval conversion, or a Bowtie, rotary, even if you are just now considering an upgrade of any type.....YOU NAME IT!

If you are interested in coming out, please contact me! You are more than welcome!

rick ingram

Very well said. I sure learned a lot by attending the V8 Meets as well as other events that V8 conversions were present. Everyone was more than willing to share their knowledge. I first met Steve Carrick at a Twist meet, before "Barney" was finished. He took me and my friend Jeff to his house and enthusiastically answered all our questions and more. I think there were only 4 or 5 conversions there that year...about 40 this past year!!!

Count me in on being in Terra Haute next June, sounds like a great meet.

Bernie Posey
79 MGB V8
Bernie Posey

Hi Rick,

Is the host hotel taking our reservations yet?

Martyn Harvey

re: Is the host hotel taking our reservations yet?

No, but I've been advised that they will be after
January 1, 2005!


rick ingram

I broke an intake spring racing some youngster home from the last V8 meet so while I had the heads apart
I decided to go the whole route.
Larger stainless steel valves,roller rockers and a port and polish. Seat of my pant tells me another
20-25 HP. Might just catch you this time when we autocross next June.
Looking forward boys.
TRV8 (blue oval)
Christopher Trace


Did you 'win' the race ?

The autocross in Terre Haute(Thursday June 9th) will be on an Airport runway, we will have plenty of room to make an awesome course.
You should be able to give everyone a good run for their money !!


White/Blue 69 MGB 302 V8
PJ Mantell

"Carl - Push harder w/right foot! :):)"

Now Steve, you know me better than that. I'm standing on it, you know, WFO. ;)

"I first met Steve Carrick at a Twist meet, before "Barney" was finished. He took me and my friend Jeff to his house and enthusiastically answered all our questions and more. I think there were only 4 or 5 conversions there that year...about 40 this past year!!!"


That's cause we all crashed Twist's Party to finish off our V8 Meet. It was an awesome display of V8 power! :)
Carl Floyd

Hi Pete,
Ya I whuped'em good but the highways aren't really a good place play, too many non-racers to get in the way.
The autocross site sounds good but it's the drag race
that I'm looking forward to. Last time I raced I was
doing low 14's in the quater mile, hoping to brake into
the 13's next time.
Looking forward to see what Dan L's 350 chev TR6 can do. Maybe even put us side by side at the strip and watch me get whuped.
Christopher Trace

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