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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Buick 300 Engine, Who's running one?

I know that there is at least one MGB V8er out there stateside the is running a 300 C.I. Buick. 1964 with alloy heads and intake, 5.0L.
Any advise, how does the car handle?

Mike Moor from Angola,Michigan has a very nice 300 powered 78(?)B.I've driven it and the torque/power curve makes for an excellent driver.Not sure about that color tough.......

though*(damn typos)

Dale,your half right.Angola,IN not MI.The color is becoming too popular.
Curt,when I changed from the 215 to the 300,I didn't even notice the extra #80.The #95 of torque made the drive totally awesome.Like night and day difference.The tempature increase required an aluminum rad. to control.Also,the longer stroke raised the carb 3/4".I bulged the hood like an RV8 for clearance.

Mike Moor

Well, I have a 215 and two 300's in my garage right now. One of the 300's came with the 4V manifold. The 215 has the standard bell housing, but a 2V. I am trying to decide whether to install one in my Roadster or go the easy route and put in a V-6.

My question is: What about putting a scoop like on some of the cowl induction scoops from the 60's, only open to let air out, not in. Do the physics allow for this to happen?

I would like one of the 300's in one of my MG's, but worry about all the modifications involved.
Mike Wish

Mike as you travel forward air is moved up over the hood (bonnet) until it hits the windshield, or should I say the windshield hits it. At this point the air has to be compressed and shoved over and to the sides of the windshield, or down into the cowl vent to supply the heater and defroster. This is also what will happen if there is another escape route for the higher-pressure air at the cowl. Cowl induction scoops should be sealed to the carburetor to provide higher-pressure air that is colder than the air under the hood. If it is not sealed to the carburetor and you are not moving forward then under hood heat will vent out and be drawn into the heater is the fan is on. When you move forward air coming from the front through will be hampered by pressurized air coming from the back.
George Champion

That was sort of my question. I realize that it would vent in slow traffic, but was wondering: If the cowl scoop was open, would the air movement from the fan and force of the air moving through the grill be enough to overcome the back force of the air hitting the windshield? I don'r really want anything other than a stock look, but I realize that in my climate cooling is going to be an issue.

Just a point to think about!
Mike Wish

Mike, the only way to be sure is with an experiment. Iíve often wished for a spare junk hood to cut holes in and attach streamers to so I could monitor airflow at speed as well as idle. Roger Parker has said that the trailing end of the hood has high pressure up to twice the distance as the windshield height.
George Champion

Itís nice to get a clear assessment comparing the 215 and the 300 from someone that has tried both. Mike Moor, wasnít that you with your MGB V8 conversion on ďMy Classic CarĒ? I donít remember the color.
George Champion


I have a spare hood that you can have. If you are going to be in the Phoenix area, let me know.
Michael Willis

Mike, I can't pass that up! I'll let you know. Besides it'll be nice to see a second MGB V8 project in the state.
George Champion

Your name is on it George. Though, dependent upon when you are here, there may not be much "project" going. Just trying to complete the teardown right now, and sourcing an engine for fitting. (Any ideas on the engine search?) After that, stripping the body for a new color respray.

Give me as much notice as you can when you'll be in the area.
Michael Willis

Mike, I bought my Buick 215 from Hidden Valley Auto in Maracopa just South of Phoenix. Hidden Valley is an auto salvage yard that specializes in vintage autos so they donít crush them just because they are old. They may have sold the other one they had at the time I got mine and then again they may have gotten more.

Another Arizona source is Rovers West/Eight Parts in Tucson. When I find the addresses or Phone numbers to either of these Iíll e-mail you. Lastly, if you are desperate, I was at a place here in Yuma where the guy said he had one. I donít remember the price, but I do remember when he quoted me the price, I thought it was amazing how I didnít notice until then he was on crack.
George Champion

The last time I was at Hidden Valley, there were a few blocks, all with the pan off strewn about the place, and he wanted some serious money for what he had. I couldn't find a complete engine.

There is a MGB junkyard just west of downtown Phoenix that I've bought a Rover engines from. I paid between $400-500 for the whole SD-1 he had. The yard isn't in the phonebook, but if your interested, I have his phone number at work. The last time I was there, he didn't have any engines, but he'd told me of one he knew was for sale. Email me if you would like the number.

I've also seen complete engines in Land Rovers in some of the junkyards in Phoenix. The last one was a mid '90s SUV, and if I remember correctly he wanted about $2K. You can find them but you have to look for a while.

The sandrail folks like the Buick 215, and you might check with Karlís, Sand Limo, Woods and Brandwood and see if they know any sources of engines. They are all in Phoenix. About three years ago a friend of mine with about 12-15 engines sold all his 215s to a guy who builds sand cars and I understand that he does sell them. You would have to call some of these shops and ask if they know who it is.

If your willing to have one shipped, I understand there is a guy in Washington state that sells the Buick/Olds cores complete. T&S in Pandora, Ohio (Ted Shumaker?)also has Rover engines, I believe.

I need a MGC rear in order to finnish my V8 conversion
If anyone has one please email me direct@ TIA Reg.

I had a complete SD1 engine and 5 speed ready for installation in a '68 mgb roadster when a divorce forced me to sell it all uncompleted. I'm ready to start collecting parts for another attempt, does anyone in the Southest (FL, AL, MS, LA, GA) have a source for engines and gearboxes? Is anyone using a T5 from a Ford or Chevy? Where can I get a bellhousing for this gearbox? Any help will be appreciated. John
John Hamilton

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