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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Bulge in the hood(/bonnet)

The way I have decided to re-rig my V8 install, gotta bulge my hood slightly for clearance. I wonder if any of you who have hood bulges would happen to have pictures online so that I can get some ideas. I'm looking to do something period-correct on a chrome bumper car. (Is the easiest way to get this done to draw the desired bulge and take it to a panel-beating ship?)
Bill Withum

Here's my favorite solution Bill:
It's pretty much period correct for any period.

Jim Blackwood

Nice lookin' car. When you decide to market the blower kit for the 215, drop me a line.

Bill, perhaps the RV8 style will work for you. It's my understanding that Moss is planning to sell fiberglass repros of RV8 bonnets later this year. That being said, if your car is carbureted rather than injected, I'm not sure whether the RV8 bulge is wide enough to clear a 14" air cleaner. I mention the Moss unit because it is supposedly quite costly and/or time consuming to get a decent bulge made up.

There are still some Costello bonnets around... One passed through my hands a few years ago......they have a circular bulge to fit a round air cleaner, my RV8 bonnet bulge is definitely not wide enough for this type of air might have more luck with an MGC lid.

Michael barnfather

Here are the dimensions of the MGR hood.

Nick Smallwood

I had an RV8-style bulge English Wheeled into an old alloy bonnet ... it's just a frac wider so as to be able to accommodate a 14" air cleaner. I spent hours measuring it out, and was amazed that it took only a day for the guy to do the job. There are to be sure some folks who only like the body to be bone stock, but most think this looks pretty cool:

see if this link works...


At the risk of sounding argumentative, why not fix the problem of engine placement so a bulge is not required?

On the other hand, I have no objections to the bulge idea. Some I have seen over the years really set off the car, & are an improvement in looks.
Jim Stuart

Jim, not really the point ... a bulge isn't _required_ except that I want to run a little higher air cleaner than a stock-type installation allows ... just want the motor in the non-A/C, stock conversion location and I'm not convinced that a 2" air cleaner on a severely dropped base is gonna flow what I want it to. Also the 1/16" clearance that gives me is bound to dent the bonnet when the motor twists, etc. Add'ly, some of the bulges, if subtle and really well done, are sort of calling cards in that they give the world a hint about what's underneath, and I think the RV8-style for example just look pretty great. It's not a need thing, it's a want thing.
Bill Withum

There's a guy in South Australia who sells RV8 style bonnets (hoods) for $500 Australian,(metal he sez) about 250 US.
I may have his number somewhere if you're interested. He's the agent for RPI and also does a very nice set of extractors.

Hi Bill, K&N sells a air cleaner top that is all filter. In addition to drawing air from the sides, it pulls through the top cover. Even if there is only a small amount of clearance, it would help.
For the bulge, White Post Restorations is in your area.
They have a wheeler.

Kelly Combes

Bill no worries about flow. I had my 302 breathing through a 1" drop base with 2" element, both a stock filter and later a K&N main a xstream flow top. I never had a problem and was running 13.8 in the 1/4mile like that.
Larry Embrey

But Larry, 13.8 is pretty good considering traction, but you probably couldn't tell if it was falling off on the top end. Maybe it could have been better.

Wayne Pearson

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