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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Bump Steer/Lowered swivel axles

I have installed 1" lower springs and 1" lowered swivel axles on my RB car. Now the angle of approach of the tie rod to the steering arm appears severe enough as to induce bump steer. My question is this, can I swap the steering arms left for right and then install the tie rod ends from the bottom rather than the top? It appears as though this will give the tie rods a more proper angle.

Mark Marchbanks

Where did you find your lowered swivel axles? Are they modified stock units or custom made aftermarket swivels?
Thanks Bill
bill jacobson

You can certainly do that and it will have no harmfull effects on the attachements.
The dropped spindles are available from

Dick Luening
MG Limited

8701 W. Forest Home Ave.
Milwaukee, WI

(414) 529-3200

Dick is a certified MG nut and builds a beautiful dropped spindle.
James Johanski

Mark, I have heard of many people doing this. Aspecialy those doing the shortened spring type of lowering..

I have not done it, but I would think you could also unbolt the arm from the axle and "flip" it over without removing the rack..
Larry Embrey

Thanks for the comments, guys. Bill, I did get my axles from Dick at MG Limited. Good service, nice parts.

Mark Marchbanks

Hi to all. I lowered my '76 B by lowering the spring pans, cut them and added a 1" insert that way i kept stock springs and the same ride quality. The tie rod arms do angle up a little nothing radical, i have not noticed any ill handling or any radical behavior. I do get a lot of steering wheel kick back i am thinkink in adding a vibration reducer U-joint to the steering shaft i do not know if that will help. I tried to swap cross members to a crome b. x-member but the harmonic valancer seems to be to close to the steering rack. I also interested in installing those lowered spindles.

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